Zanu PF drives to win back council wards

08 Oct, 2021 - 00:10 0 Views


Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

THE ruling Zanu PF party has embarked on a mobilisation drive to win back council wards and parliamentary seats in Harare with Ward 16 Tangwena 1 lining up a number of activities including sports to harness more members and votes.

Ward 16 Tangwena 1 is this weekend expected to hold a soccer tournament at Avonlea Primary School where 15 soccer teams will be competing.

Zanu PF district chairman Cde Spencer Mabeka told Suburban that there will be prizes for the winners.

“We have started doing sport. Two weeks ago we started with soccer.Fifteen soccer teams are competing to get a prize and have time to fellowship as part of our campaign as well,” he said.

Cde Mabeka said they will also have rugby and basketball tournaments.

He said women from Ward 16 Tangwena 1 are also working on their netball social teams and other projects.

Cde Mabeka said Ward 16 Tangwena 1 is also expected to mobilise funds for various programmes.

He said this is aimed at ensuring that they walk hand in hand with the ruling party’s vision of securing five million members by 2023 and ensuring that the party wins all the forthcoming by-elections and the 2023 harmonised elections.

“We want to get back all our seats in Harare, even in local authorities, we want to take those seats back. We want the President (Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa) to win resoundingly. He has been busy with the repairs of public infrastructure. Government took it upon itself to repair roads since the City of Harare failed to do it, so we are doing a lot of work.

“So we want to support the President in coming up with projects,” said Cde Mabeka.

He said they intend on opening a youth centre where young people will be taught self-help projects.

“We have a vision of opening a youth centre in our area where we will be teaching our youngsters a lot of different self-help projects. We want our young people to be trained various self-help projects even manufacturing of detergents, backyard farming (horticulture) and mechanics. So we have quite a number of things lined up for that programme.

“We are going to be starting very soon embarking on that drive,” said Cde Mabeka.
He said Ward 16 Tangwena 1 is expected to set targets of intended projects.

“We are going to be setting up targets in terms of wards, of the numbers and projects we are doing, constituencies, DCCs, the province as a whole. “We have set up targets of people registering per week, per month and so forth and that will give us a round figure of how many people we will be having come 2023.

“So we will be embarking on this drive and very soon we will be on that. “We need our people from our areas to know more about the party.

“We want to come up with viable projects that will attract people to join the party so we will be working on that,” said Cde Mabeka.

He said they plan on embarking on a massive mobilisation programme through restructuring of cells.

“We are going to continue with that because we are trying to move away from the traditional way of doing things in the party where we are content with five or six branches, we want to go an extra mile to mobilise.

“We are going to come up with programmes where we can just drive around in our branded vehicles, park at a certain place, we have our regalia, we give out regalia and we are registering people to join the party,” said Cde Mabeka.

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