Harare fast becoming a gated community

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Harare fast becoming a gated community Millennium Heights


Harare is fast becoming a gated community with the emergence of new estates focusing on security and exclusivity giving occupants a sense of pride and belonging.

Suburban Correspondent

Gated communities have controlled entrances and closed perimeters walls or fences to enhance the community security and pride.

Most of the gated communities have constitutions that guide how each family should behave and how much levies should be paid towards the maintenance of amenities that service the community.

One of the top property development companies, WestProp Holdings is leading the way with the provision of mixed use luxury gated communities that speak to the needs and aspirations of residents buying into the exclusive estates.

A US$500 000 gatehouse was recently commissioned at Millennium Heights, an exclusive development by WestProp Holdings.

Company chairperson Dr Michael Louis who gave the keynote address spoke on the importance of gated and walled communities drawing parallels with South Africa where he lives.

He said gated communities provide security and confidence to occupants adding that WestProp was working tirelessly to safeguard the safety of residents investing into its developments.

WestProp chief executive Mr Ken Sharpe said the difference with the company’s gated communities are its additives that include shopping malls, office space, club houses, play and recreational facilities, restaurants.

The WestProp gated communities comprise of the Hills Luxury Golf Estate whose ground breaking is slated for the first week of May, Pokugara Residential Estate and Pomona City.

A gated community is a residential area that is restricted by a physical barrier and has limited access.

Residents have access to the amenities inside the community.

Mr Sharpe said WestProp continues to be guided by the culture of doing things in excellence as symbolised by the Millennium Gatehouse which also presents the latest technology.

“We have invested in security with 24/7 CCTV surveillance and in that system we have facial recognition and number plate recognition systems.

“So all vehicles will be recognised before they get to the gate.

“When they get to the boom, the face reader will recognise their faces and say ‘Welcome Mr So and So’. You don’t even need to interact with the security guards or even fill a form because the system is automated and digitalised through an AI system at the head office,” he said.

The history of gated communities dates back to the 1920s in the western world to curb rising crime in urban centres.

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