Husqvarna Mud Run raises over US$400k for childhood cancer charity

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Husqvarna Mud Run raises over US$400k for childhood cancer charity Tendai Mtawarira (second from left) at Husqvarna Mud Run with KidzCan staff, caregivers and children.


Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

The Husqvarna Mud Run, an annual charity event in support of KidzCan Zimbabwe, witnessed fun lovers coming together to enjoy a number of activities at the 4×4 Club, Donnybrook Park in Harare on Saturday for a worthy cause.

The US$61 106 raised on Saturday brings to US$400 000, the total money the fun event has raised in support of KidzCan Zimbabwe, a childhood cancer charity, for the past 12 years.

The event, which drew support from various sectors of society, served as a vital platform to raise awareness and funds for children living with cancer in Zimbabwe.

Through Mud Run, Husqvarna has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to supporting efforts to lessen the burden of childhood cancer. This remarkable achievement reflects the unwavering dedication of the event’s organisers and its supporters, showcasing the power of unity and collective goodwill.

KidzCan executive director Mr Daniel McKenzie expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support, stating the event’s crucial role in providing assistance to children battling cancer.

Mr McKenzie highlighted the setback the event suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic years. Despite the setback, the Mud Run still garnered extensive backing from schools, the community, and corporate entities making Husqvarna’s consistent commitment stand out as a beacon of hope. Mr McKenzie urged other corporations to embrace their social responsibility and support similar initiatives.

“Since Covid-19 it’s unfortunate that we had to move the event to April, usually it used to be at the beginning of the year, so that we kick start the year for supporting childhood cancer. Initially the Mud Run would be held on the first Saturday of the year. The Mud Run has just been amazing. We had support from schools, the community and the corporates. We are fortunate that Husqvarna always comes through and support KidzCan Zimbabwe each year and we also challenge other corporates to do the same. They may not choose KidzCan but all corporates must play their social responsibility,” said Mr McKenzie.

The presence of Tendai “Beast” Mtawarira, a former professional rugby player renowned for his philanthropic efforts, added to the event’s significance.

Mtawarira, a Zimbabwean who played and won the Rugby World Cup with South Africa’s Springboks, emphasised the importance of compassion and long-term investment in the lives of children affected by cancer.

His foundation, the Beast Foundation, champions social causes, and he passionately encouraged support for organisations such as KidzCan Zimbabwe.

“I believe that all kids suffering from childhood cancer deserve compassion and they deserve a long life, which we must invest in. I have a foundation called the Beast Foundation that champions social causes and I want to urge everyone to support organisations like KidzCan Zimbabwe.

“I was part of the Mud Run in support of KidzCan four years ago and that was my first and Covid-19 happened, so I have been meaning to come back, and childhood cancer awareness is in my heart,” said Mtawarira.

Mr Grant Mitchel, the founder of the Husqvarna Mud Run, reflected on the event’s remarkable journey, which began 12 years ago with the intention of making a positive impact in the community.

Fun time at the Husqvarna Mud Run.

Over the years, the Mud Run has raised an impressive sum of over US$400,000 for KidzCan Zimbabwe, demonstrating the unwavering commitment of the organisers and supporters.

“We have been moving venues for the Husqvarna Mudrun in support of KidzCan Zimbabwe. We were at Old Mutual, Mt Pleasant Sport Club and last year we moved to 4×4 Donnybrook, it is an ongoing success. We have hosted this even for the last 12 years consecutively, even in Covid-19 years we didn’t stop, we understand that children suffering from childhood cancer need us. The fundraising for the last 12 has gone 100 percent to the charity of choice which is KidzCan Zimbabwe. The title sponsor Husqvarna once again doing good for the community,” said Mr Mitchel.

Mr Mitchel emphasised the event’s alignment with KidzCan’s values and transparency, ensuring that every dollar raised goes directly to the charity.

The Mud Run operates as a 100 percent charity event, with all proceeds channeled to KidzCan Zimbabwe. The event has raised money to support children battling cancer, providing essential services such as clinical care, advocacy, chemotherapy drugs, and critical transport allowances.

KidzCan Zimbabwe board member and Northside Community Church Senior Pastor Gary Cross said that this year’s event was the biggest in years and it showed what communities can achieve when they come together.

“This is the biggest Mud Run event that I have ever attended and this just goes to show what communities can achieve when they come together for a common cause, which is helping to raise awareness of childhood cancer and procuring the necessary medication for the treatment.

“We should all preach the gospel of early childhood cancer detection and treatment, children can survive cancer,” said Pastor Cross.

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