WestProp launches Millennium Heights gate house

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WestProp launches Millennium Heights gate house Scenes at the launch of the Millennium Heights gate house.


Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

WestProp Holdings on Friday morning launched the Millennium Heights gate house in Mt Pleasant bringing the number of its gate houses at its estates to three.

Speaking at the launch, chairperson of WestProp Holdings, Dr Michael Louis said the gate house signifies Westprop Holdings’ quest for luxury and safety of its customers who have invested in the estate.

“I thank all the investors in WestProp Holdings who happen to be the homeowners who are with us here.

“I wish to extend my sincere happiness and gratitude to the hard work and able leadership by our CEO Mr Ken Sharpe and his whole team.

“I am the chairman of this company because I have ample belief in the capacity and ability of Mr Sharpe and am confident in Zimbabwe.

“When he sold his vision to me, I was left with no option but to accept the honour to chair the company whose portfolio and growth is set to multiply,” he said.

Dr Louis said growth prospects for Zimbabwe are very positive and indications are that the economy will soon be the regional bedrock.

He said the gate house is not just an entrance into estate but a statement of what lies inside.

“It has a number of features that make it outstanding and a decorative feature of the massive development.

“It has a guardroom that will be fitted with the latest 24/7 surveillance and access control A1 technology as well as optional alarm systems and home automation for each of the apartments.

“It will be manned by experienced West Group security officers aided by technology.

“It has ablution facilities, electronic boom levers, four lanes; two for entrance, two for exit with the lanes increasing in number once inside the gated community.

“Visiting motorists pick a visitor’s lane once inside.

“Pedestrians will use the walkway for ease of entrance and exit,” said Dr Louis.

He thanked shareholders of WestProp Holdings and its customers for their continued loyal support.

Mr Sharpe said being a public company, WestProp observes corporate governance.

“Our annual board meeting is today and prior to the board meeting, the committees have to meet.

“So committees like the investments and finance committee met and they approved the pipeline for our product of $174million that is currently under construction.

“So we have phase one of the Hills being launched next month by His Excellency the President on the 2nd of May and this project is a$280 million project.

“Phase One of it is about $35million so on the $174million, just under $40million is coming from the Hills,” he said.

WestProp chief executive Mr Ken Sharpe said Pokugara has 70 units for sale with 50 units already being sold and another 17 that have been secured in deposits leaving only three units of the 70 that have been sold.

“That’s an exciting development.

“That development alone is around $30 million,” he said.

Mr Sharpe said block three at Millennium Heights is coming out of the ground.

“They are on the third floor fitting windows and doors.

“The shipment of glass balconies leaves South Africa next week and we have that building finished in June.

“And block four which is ED block is under construction now it’s come out of the ground, the foundations have been done.

“And block five, we are looking at putting it under construction this year.

“It’s almost a $10 million building and it’s going under construction in May,” he said.

Mr Sharpe said Pomona City Phase One is steaming ahead.

“Asphalt is starting next week.

“Finally the roads are coming on.

“And the flats we are building in Pomona City as well; we are launching Phase One.

“So all these products produce an existing pipeline of $174 million that is without the big project, of course the Mall of Zimbabwe, a $100million project that’s without the bigger projects that are coming on at the Hills.

“So next year, we hope to almost double that money which is an indication of growth of the company,” he said.

WestProp Holdings has already opened gate houses at Pomona and Pokugara.

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