Thefts on the rise in New Ashdown Park

18 Nov, 2022 - 00:11 0 Views
Thefts on the rise in New Ashdown Park The Toyota double cab truck loaded with bricks that were allegedly stolen


Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

THE neighbourhood watch in New Ashdown Park has warned residents that crimes including theft were on the rise in the suburb.

According to the New Ashdown Park neighbourhood watch, residents are constantly making reports of stolen items mostly those outside their premises. 

Last week the security team said they allegedly blocked a theft of bricks which was in progress late at night in the area. It is alleged the incident took place in New Ashdown Park near the Old Boom Gate area at a Mr Nhemura’s home.

The suspected brick thieves are intercepted as they attempt to drive off

The bricks were allegedly loaded in a Toyota D4D double cab Registration Number AEV-7572 which was recorded at 2100hrs leaving the boom gate from the owner’s house with two young men.

 At around 22:30 hours the occupants of the Toyota truck were caught red handed stealing and loading the last load of face bricks (imported ones) at Mr Nhemura’s house opposite Mr Zindoga’s residence.

The security team said that many residents confirmed that the suspected thieves are not only stealing during the night but also during the day when house owners will be away at work.

In a security alert being circulated in residents’ WhatsApp groups to warn the residents, the security team confirmed the incident and said a resident identified as Mr Tatenda Murwira heard the noise when the suspects were loading the bricks and acted immediately.  Mr Murwira called the police, the New Ashdown Park security team and chairperson of the New Ashdown Park Residents Association.

“When Mr Tatenda Murwira heard some funny noises, he called the owner of the house Mr Nhemura to find out if he had sent someone to collect bricks since he doesn’t stay there yet. He denied sending anyone to take bricks.  Immediately, Mr Murwira blocked the vehicle in the close with another sedan vehicle as the driver tried to drive off.  The two young men got off the vehicle to escape on foot. But Mr Murwira fired a warning shot in the air when the suspects a Raja Kauma and his accomplice tried to run away.  Raja Kauma tried to plead for him not to call police but it was too late. Four police officers from Mabelreign Police Station came and drove the vehicle to the station. It is not known how many bricks were stolen so far or for how long,” reads the security alert.

It is alleged Raja Kauma was driving his father’s Toyota double cab truck. He is also accused of speeding while driving his car or motor bike in this Rosedene Road and on roads in the new suburb. 

Residents confirmed seeing the same vehicle fetching some iron sheets and making several loads of bricks. 

The owner of the bricks has since made a statement to the police. It is said that no one has claimed the vehicle and it is still in police custody at Mabelreign Police Station while the suspects are on the run after they were released from police custody.

 “The car is owned by the father who is one of the land barons here in Ashdown Park.  Many bought stands from him but many are also counting their losses as the structures they built are facing demolition. 

“It’s really shocking. You would never expect such a car to be involved in the stealing of bricks? One would expect anyone that affords such a car to be able to afford their own bricks? 

‘‘It’s really mind boggling to find someone of that status who owns such a vehicle involved in such crimes. All the same good work from the members of that community,” said a resident.

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