New shopping experience in Ashbrittle

12 Apr, 2024 - 00:04 0 Views
New shopping experience in Ashbrittle Quality clothing on offer


A new serene eatery and fashion hub has opened in Ashbrittle offering diners and fashion enthusiasts more choices from where to dine and shop for quality clothing.

Suburban Reporter

The new hub located at 64 Golden Stairs (Sam Nujoma Street) houses a restaurant The Vanilla Moon, a farm shop selling fresh fruits and vegetables, ThriftFit Golden Stairs selling quality gym wear and sneakers.

Diners enjoying their meals.

The hub also has Golden Stairs Nursery selling flowers and plants, a hair salon, chocolate shop, pet shop among other services including a children’s play area on site.

“Hey guys! Have you been to our beautiful serene hub, located at 64 Golden stairs (Sam Nujoma Street) in Ashbrittle?

“We have a beautiful restaurant on site The Vanilla Moon, we have Eskbank Farm Shop selling fresh organic fruits and vegs, ThriftFit Golden Stairs, selling affordable quality gym wear and sneakers, Heliotrope ZW sells unique gifts and clothing, Golden Stairs Nursery sells beautiful plants and flowers, Master’s Touch Hair Salon is also on site, we also have a chocolate shop, pet shop, upholstery services and a seamstress shop. We are open daily and have a beautiful kids play area too. Please come through and support all these local small businesses and enjoy the serenity in our beautiful gardens. Thank you in advance,” the hub announced on Facebook on Wednesday this week.

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