SA pit bulls burnt to death after attacking child

21 Nov, 2022 - 16:11 0 Views
SA pit bulls burnt to death after attacking child Calls have been made to ban pit bulls as domestic pets in South Africa.


Members of a community in Cape Town, South Africa, stoned to death and then burnt three pit bull dogs who had attacked a young girl.

The incident comes as calls to ban the breed in South Africa grow.

A local animal welfare charity reported that the child was mauled in a field in the Gatesville neighbourhood of Cape Town. She “sustained severe injuries and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment”, the SPCA has said.

The dogs were then attacked, with people stoning, stabbing and hitting them “before burning them to death”.

Video of the burning shows people standing around the fire shouting approval, IOL news site reports.

“We are tired of these people wanting to parade with their pit bulls knowing they are a danger to society. It’s not enough our children are being slaughtered by vicious criminals, and brazen gangsters,” a resident is quoted by IOL as saying.

Sunday’s attack followed reports of a three-year-old boy dying after being targeted by two dogs in Free State province, IOL reports. – BBC

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