Body commits to service delivery, anti-corruption fight

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Body commits to service delivery, anti-corruption fight ZNOART members attending the provincial induction workshop.


Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

The Zimbabwe National Organisation of Associations and Residents Trusts (ZNOART) recently conducted an induction workshop in Harare where officials of the residents’ body were taken through the organisation’s thrust to enhance service delivery and fight corruption within the City of Harare.

The workshop, attended by ZNOART executives and area coordinators, sought to equip participants with the necessary knowledge to effectively engage with service providers and advocate for devolved service delivery for the benefit of communities and the nation at large.

ZNOART national chairperson Mr Shalvar Chikomba underscored the importance of transparency, accountability, and effective service provision through devolution processes, emphasising the need for residents’ participation in matters affecting their daily lives.

Mr Chikomba said the body maintains a non-political stance, focusing on representing all residents within their areas of jurisdiction, regardless of political affiliations.

“ZNOART’s commitment to enhancing service delivery and eradicating corruption within local authorities is unwavering. Our organisation stands firm in its dedication to representing all residents, irrespective of political affiliations, and ensuring their voices are heard in matters that impact their daily lives. Transparency, accountability, and effective service provision are paramount to achieving our goal of fostering a better quality of life for all Zimbabweans,” said Mr Chikomba.

The ZNOART leader reiterated that the body will continue to demand quality services from local authorities, aligning with the national objective of attaining a standard upper middle income economy by 2030. The organisation highlighted major areas of concern, including revenue collection and distribution, compliance with applicable laws and the leasing and selling of land by local authorities.

ZNOART’s stance resonates with the Local Authorities Blueprint launched by President Emmerson Mnangagwa last year “A call to action- no compromise to service delivery.” The blue print outlines targets for all local authorities which they are required to meet to improve service delivery and contribute to Government’s Vision 2030 under the smart cities concept.

In line with its commitment to transparency, ZNOART urged service providers to make their information disclosure policies public, aligning with the Freedom of Information Act and the Urban Councils Act.

The body said this will facilitate easier access to council business and other documents of interest to all residents. It bemoaned corruption, inadequate water supply, uncollected refuse, and the lack of transparency in the running of councils and public entities providing services to residents.

ZNOART called for councils and service providers to fulfill their mandates and meet their deliverables, while also urging relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Local Government and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission to fulfil their roles exhaustively.

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