Residents object to construction of flats citing infrastructure pressures

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Residents object to construction of flats citing infrastructure pressures Cllr Ngadziore


RESIDENTS of Sentosa in Mabelreign are objecting to the construction of flats on Westminster Avenue which has just started saying the development will put a strain on electricity and water infrastructure in the area. 

Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter 

The residents argue that water and electricity are already serious challenges in the suburb and adding more households will worsen the situation.

According to the residents, 90 flats are expected to be constructed on the piece of land along Westminster Avenue. Sources say the land is an open space.

A Sentosa resident said they submitted letters of objection as they do not receive water on a regular basis and urged their Councillor Denford Ngadziore (who represents Ward 16) to investigate the matter.   

 “Ninety flats will add an additional strain.  

“We are still not receiving regular water supplies.

“Most of the time, insufficient capacity is the reason we are given.

“Now you want to add 90 households when you can’t even supply existing ones?

“Our objections are still relevant,” she said.

Another resident also complained about the strain on their power supply.

“Denford and the powers that be, I trust you will ensure that those responsible for the development will source their own electricity as none of our transformers can handle any more properties.

“We would also appreciate if some sanity is kept in our area and that the current residents who bought their houses legally and have resided in the area for many years get priority when it comes to infrastructure issues,” said the resident. 

The residents also sought explanations on the development on the piece of land in question.

“What on earth is going on please Councillor?

“There are huge trucks clearing the land.

“This must stop,” said a concerned resident.

Residents said the construction will also result in the degradation of their road as construction vehicles frequent the building site to deliver building materials. 

Concerns were also expressed over issues of traffic congestion, refuse collection and security once the flats are completed. 

Residents further  said adding 90 flats will result in noise pollution in the suburb.  

In a statement, Cllr Ngadziore said he had received the complaints from residents over the increase in developments on greenways in the ward.

He urged the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works to physically consult residents or nearby property owners on the need to develop in all greenways and open spaces.

“The consultation should include residents’ representatives, associations and the City of Harare,” Cllr Ngadziore said.

 He said the ward has a shortage of electricity transformers.  

“The challenge with power supply in our community is we have a shortage of Zesa transformers due to vandalism and theft.

“This has led to serious Zesa blackouts during peak hours in most areas which include Cotswold Hills, Greencroft, Ashdown Park, Haig Park and Tynwald North among other areas.

“Each transformer is supposed to service about 100 households but now it is servicing more than that.

“Property owners who include pensioners and those who are unemployed who want an extra income have leased out part of their properties resulting in more electricity being consumed,” he said.

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