Mandara residents patch potholes 

03 Aug, 2022 - 14:08 0 Views


Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter 

RESIDENTS of Balgowan Road in Mandara have teamed up to patch potholes on that road, which was now in terrible state making driving difficult.

A resident who stays along the road said neighbours sent their gardeners on Wednesday to assist in patching part of that road in order to save their vehicles from continuous damage. 

“We were just patching the holes.

“I am just a domestic mother so it was from my house to Wallis Road.

“We always repair that road because my husband was a builder so we are always used to repair the potholes.

“Since two years ago, nothing has happened and the road has gone worse and worse.

“So I decided to see who could help and patch the road ourselves,” said the Balgowan resident.

She said a resident donated sand and stones while another neighbour donated cement.

“I had some rubble and my gardener knows how to mix it and three other gardeners volunteered.

“So the four of them did a patch job.

“We just do the best that we can so that we protect our vehicles.

“It’s not just about your house, your four walls. 

“It’s about your surrounds and it’s about your neighbours and your community and if the responsible authorities don’t help, you have to basically step up yourself,” said the Balgowan resident.

The resident, whose family has lived on Balgowan Road for 36 years, says in recent years they have been patching potholes on their street in order to save their cars.

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