Robbers in daring Borrowdale home invasion

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Robbers in daring Borrowdale home invasion Inspector Julius Chakanza


Jeremiah Mudonha Suburban Correspondent

Tragedy struck last Monday evening when a Borrowdale family fell victim to a brazen gang of armed robbers who invaded their home.

Harare Provincial Police Spokesperson Inspector Julius Chakanza confirmed the incident saying the harrowing ordeal began when six masked assailants, armed with unidentified pistols, stormed into the residence through the kitchen at around 7pm.

“The family’s daughter, who was in the midst of cooking immediately alerted everyone by shouting “thieves.”

“In a desperate bid to protect themselves, the family members sought refuge and hid throughout the house.

“As Antiotk Kurauone (62), the head of the family was in his bedroom assessing the unfolding chaos, a gunshot rang out, shattering his door.

“Three of the robbers forcefully entered the room, demanding access to the safe.

“Despite Kurauone’s denial of any safe’s existence, the criminals subjected him to a brutal assault, repeatedly striking him with their boots and pistol butts,” he said.

Insp Chakanza said the robbers proceeded to collect mobile phones from everyone who was present, except for one family member who had left their phone in the kitchen.

“Realising that money might be hidden somewhere, one of the perpetrators interrogated Kurauone about the location of his cash.

“Kurauone reluctantly revealed that his money was in his office in town,” he said.

Insp Chakanza said; “Using handcuffs, the assailants restrained Kurauone and forced him into his silver Toyota Range Rover, driving the vehicle towards town. Throughout the journey, they continued to inflict physical harm upon him, coercing him into disclosing the presence of a safe within the house. Two of the robbers accompanied him back inside while the others made their getaway in the stolen vehicle.”

He said inside the house, Kurauone surrendered the safe keys to the robbers, who eagerly anticipated finding a substantial sum of cash.

“To their dismay, the safe contained a 9mm pistol loaded with six rounds.

“Seizing the opportunity, they confiscated the firearm, along with 35 rounds of ammunition and the firearm certificate, leaving Kurauone defenceless,” said Insp Chakanza.

He said the criminals then ordered Kurauone back into the car, embarking on a drive through Harare.

“Their journey led them to a precast wall near Kirkman Road and N. Richards Bulawayo Road, said to belong to a Chinese residence.

“At this location, they callously abandoned Kurauone, still handcuffed, before making their escape.

“Determined to secure his family’s safety, Kurauone managed to free himself from the handcuffs and retrieved a bag containing their cellphones. Seeking help from nearby security guards at N. Richards, he contacted his daughter, Panashe, who promptly alerted the police to his whereabouts.

“The police responded swiftly and managed to recover the stolen vehicle, which had been dumped,” said Insp Chakanza.

He said however, upon inspection, they discovered that US$3,900 in cash hidden within the car’s door panel had been stolen.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident and are urging anyone with information to come forward and assist in apprehending the criminals.

Insp Chakanza emphasised the importance of remaining vigilant and enhancing home security measures.

He urged the public to keep gates locked, doors closed and to report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

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