Bumper Independence Day crowd endorsement of President Mnangagwa’s leadership

19 Apr, 2024 - 00:04 0 Views
Bumper Independence Day crowd endorsement of President Mnangagwa’s leadership Part of the crowd at the Independence Day celebrations.


Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

The Broad Alliance Against Sanctions group says the crowd which thronged Murambinda in Buhera on Thursday to celebrate Independence Day was testimony of  how President Mnangagwa’s leadership and vision were resonating with the masses.

The main 44th Independence Day celebrations were held in Buhera as part of devolving national events, in particular Independence Day celebrations, to all parts of the country. Bulawayo was the first province to host the Independence Day Celebrations in 2022 followed by Mashonaland Central which hosted the festivities last year in Mt Darwin. This year Manicaland Province was the host for the main celebrations as part of President Mnangagwa’s mantra of leaving no person and no place behind in the development agenda.

In a statement, Broad Alliance Against Sanctions co-founder and chairperson, Mr Calvern Chitsunge said President Mnangagwa is walking in his mantra of leaving no one and no place behind hence the hosting of this historic event in Buhera.

“Also of note is the signal to the American government that the huge gathering here in Murambinda, Buhera must reach your territory and be heard clearly.

“As we celebrate our independence, we are celebrating our sovereignty as a nation.

“Your interference is never acceptable and we strongly condemn it.

“Respect the will of the people of Zimbabwe and remove all illegal sanctions that you imposed on us,” he said.

Mr Chitsunge said; “Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans and America is yours so leave us alone.”

The Broad Alliance Against Sanctions has been camped outside the United States Embassy Compound in Westgate, Harare since March 29, 2019 protesting against the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe and demanding their total and unconditional lifting.

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