Illegal truck yard ordered to stop operations

22 Oct, 2021 - 00:10 0 Views


Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

OFFICIALS from the City of Harare’s Development Control Unit this week ordered an illegal truck yard established in Marlborough to stop its operations following complaints by residents. 

The officials confirmed that the truck yard was illegal and indicated that they had initiated processes to have the operations at Number 1A Sawley Way halted.

According to council, the enforcement process to stop the operations will take at least three months.

 “We have responded to the concerns by residents, where they were complaining about the establishment of a truck yard as the trucks are even operating overnight violating current City of Harare by-laws. We visited the truckyard and we have issued a notice (to stop operations). They were violating many by-laws and we have now initiated the enforcement process,” said an official from the City’s Development Control Unit. 

Last month, residents said the truck yard established at a house at the corner of Sawley Way and Harare Drive in Marlborough was putting them at risk of fires, inconveniencing motorists with smaller cars and causing noise pollution.   

The heavy trucks including fuel tankers are being parked at the house overnight or even for longer and sometimes block the way of other motorists while entering or exiting the premises.

Residents roundly condemned the truck yard, which located at a busy intersection, which also happens to be one of the major feeder roads in the area greatly disrupting the flow of traffic and endangering other road users.  

The residents wrote to City of Harare authorities at Marlborough District Office demanding action against the owners of the truck yard. Residents also wanted the heavy trucks removed from the house and relocated to a suitable place for such vehicles and business operations.  

In a letter seen by this publication, the residents fumed against the establishment of such a business in a residential area.

 “The establishment of a truck yard and parking of the said trucks overnight violates current City of Harare by-laws (Please note these are 30 tonne plus fuel tankers and on one occasion we observed six such trucks on this property.)  The storage of fuel tankers especially overnight and for any lengthy period of time in a residential area also causes a great risk to all the residents of Marlborough. Should one of these trucks ever catch fire one shudders to think what the outcome will be,” wrote the residents in a letter to addressed to Marlborough District Officer Mrs Jane Gambiza and a Mr Jembere, the development control officer for the area. 

The operations at Number 1 Sawley are also putting the environment at risk, the residents argued as the premises are not equipped for such a business.

“We have also observed that the trucks are being serviced and cleaned on these premises, which are not equipped as a garage. We are therefore also concerned about the long-term damage to the environment. Furthermore, the trucks make a lot of noise right throughout the day and night and even at weekends,” wrote the residents. 

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