GRRA holds EGM to amend constitution

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GRRA holds EGM to amend constitution Water challenges are among issues GRRA is grappling with. In the picture, DDF workers drill a borehole at Athlone Shopping Centre early this year.


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THE Greendale Ratepayers and Residents Association will meet on Friday September 30, 2022 hold an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to discuss proposed amendments to the association’s constitution which are meant to empower the residents’ body to effectively represent its members and ensure services are delivered in Ward 9.

Ward 9 covers Greendale, Mandara, Shawasha Hills, Msasa, Manresa, Chikurubi and Zimphos.

The meeting, which have previously been postponed more than once due to low turnout, is scheduled to start at 1800 hours at the Greendale Methodist Church along Mitchel Road in Greendale.

Friday’s meeting will also discuss the 2022/2023 membership fees.

Some of the proposed amendments include the composition of the GRRA’s executive committee/board which shall consist of not less than five and not more than 10 members of the association, together with any other persons co-opted or appointed in terms of the constitution’s Article 8. Posts in the executive include the chairperson, vice-chairperson, treasurer, secretary for administration and secretary for development.

The election of the executive committee shall take place at an annual general meeting of the GRRA and members of the executive committee shall, subject to provisions of Articles 8 and 11, be elected for a period of two years, and shall be eligible for re-election after they have ceased to be members of the executive committee for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Nomination to the executive committee must be made in writing to the secretary and must include the signatures of the proposer, seconder and nominee.  It must be received by the secretary seven days before the date of the AGM.

Nominations for vacancies will also be accepted from the floor of the day of the annual general meeting. Election of the executive committee will be by secret ballot in a form to the prescribed by the executive committee. The executive committee may entrust the study of certain matters to one or more sub-committees. Members of such sub-committees shall be appointed by the executive committee. 

The proposed amendments also deal with the powers and duties of the executive committee. The executive committee shall have the power;

· to co-opt not more than two persons on to the executive committee for a period not exceeding one year in order to assist the executive committee in the exercise of its functions;

· to appoint any member of the association to fill any temporary or permanent vacancy on the executive committee provided that any person so appointed shall cease to be a member of the executive committee on the date of the next annual general meeting of the association after his appointment, unless elected to the executive committee at that meeting;

· prescribe the procedure for meeting of the executive committee;

· to hold, deal with and invest the funds and other property of the association on behalf of the association;

· administer and manage the affairs of the association; and

·do any act or thing on behalf of the association which will, in the opinion of the executive committee, effect or further any of the objectives of the association or any resolution passed by a majority of members present and voting at an annual general meeting of the association.

The amendments also propose to have the executive committee meeting at least once in every two calendar months with the chairperson having a casting vote in the event of a deadlock in voting by members of the executive committee. A general meeting of the Association shall be held annually on such date as the executive committee may fix but which shall be on or before the 30th of September. 

At an AGM of the association, the chairperson will present a report covering the activities of the committee while the treasurer will present a statement of the accounts of the association. In fulfilment of the statutory requirement governed by the city by-laws, the executive committee shall define sub-committees as may be necessary to have oversight of the developmental issues affecting the ward to form the Ward Development Committee. The chairperson of the Ward Development Committee shall be the development secretary and shall be a board/executive committee member of the GRRA.

For one to qualify to be a member of the GRRA he/she must be a person;

· who owns land within the area; or

· who pays rates to the Harare City Council in respect of land within the area; or

· who is a lessee of immovable property within the area; or

· who has been resident for not less than three months within the area; or

· who, in the opinion of the committee, has a substantial interest in, or connection with, the area

Ahead of the EGM, residents have been encouraging each other to attend the meeting and empower the GRRA to represent them and make a change to Ward 9 in terms of service delivery. Some residents have indicated they will attend the meeting while those not able have said they support the initiative to revamp the GRRA and give it more power to deal with service delivery issues and residents’ interests.

Others have also been suggesting that the proposed amendments be explained in the form of audios to enable those without time to read to get an appreciation of the proposed changes to the GRRA supreme document.

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