Greendale resident robbed of laptop, cash

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A Greendale resident was robbed of his laptop, cash and other valuables by a lone thief who hit him with the car he was driving  on Wednesday evening in the suburb before grabbing his laptop bag while he lay on the ground and sped off. 

 Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter 

The resident who identified himself only as Don of Greengrove Drive said the incident took place around 6pm when he was coming from work. 

He said he, however, recovered some of his items and will be reporting the matter to the police as his Packard Bell laptop with 1TB drive, 4 gigabytes ram, Corei3, 6th Generation worth US$500, cash amounting to US$20 and 2 reams of bond paper were stolen by the robber.

“I finished work as usual around 5pm then I took a taxi and was dropped off at the bus stop that is opposite Nash Paints in Msasa.

“Then I took Amby Drive and when I was about to get to the end of that road at the corner of Amby Drive and Cecil Road, that is when I saw a white brand new BMW 320i with no registration number.

“At first it came close to me as I was walking and I thought it was dodging potholes and the driver drove past me.

“When I was at the corner of Cecil Road and Marion Edwards, I was hit by that car and I was in shock.

“When I  was trying to come to terms with what had happened, I had my laptop bag snatched away from me.

“When I tried to grab my laptop bag from the robber, I only managed to grab the robber’s cap.

“I tried to scream but it was no use because the robber drove away so fast,” he said.

Don said he then went home and narrated the ordeal to his family and within 45 minutes, he received a call from fellow Greendale resident and Zimdancehall artist Mr Nicetime saying there was a laptop bag that had been dropped by the robber and if he could come and collect it.

“At that time, I could not because I was scared of being robbed again.

“My laptop bag had my Ordinary and Advanced Level certificates, passport, national identification card, Packard Bell laptop, 4 gigabytes ram, 1 terabyte hard drive, Corei3, laptop and mobile phone chargers, photocopies of certificates and apprentice papers.

“I managed to recover most of the documents but I didn’t recover my laptop, mobile phone chargers and cash.

“I managed to recover my laptop bag and documents from Mr Nicetime. I collected some of the lost items from Mr Nicetime’s house,” he said. 

Don said he is going to report the incident at Rhodesville Police Station.

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