Frequency of heavy trucks on Wallis Road a concern

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Mandara residents have expressed concern over construction trucks that are frequently using Wallis Road as a through road to Emmerson Mnangagwa Road via Beeston Avenue saying this will result in damage to their roads.

Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

The residents called for the installation of weight prohibition signs and enforcement of the regulations. In addition, the residents also suggested the building of speed humps to curb speeding on the road. On Friday a driver believed to have been speeding lost control and hit the gate of house near the intersection of Wallis Road and Harare Drive.

“The road is in danger of significant damage ahead.

“Another vehicle went through the intersection of Harare Drive and Wallis Road at 2am last Friday. 

“Extensive damage occurred to the owner’s gate.

“The road needs humps to slow vehicles down. School children use this route too.

“It’s dangerous to walk on this road. Perhaps the matter should be addressed,” said a Mandara resident.

The resident said the speed humps should be spaced correctly. Another resident also expressed concern over the road being used as a race track and noise from the racing cars.

 Greendale Residents and Ratepayers Association (GRRA) development committee vice chairperson, Mr Brian Shenje urged residents to sign a petition and hand it to the City of Harare requesting the construction of speed humps along Wallis Road.

 “We need to get a petition going and get as many people to sign it.

“I will then prepare the necessary paperwork and move it through the necessary processes,” said Mr Shenje. 

He said residents have the option of waiting for the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) or council to fund the speeds humps or the residents could finance the building of the speed humps themselves although the cost is on the high side. 

“Humps are not cheap.

“The last verbal quote I had was for $6 000 for the Manresa community whom I am also helping with the same but I think the expense is due to our outdated techniques.

“There are cost effective materials now being used on traffic control and maybe, we may push to be the first ones.

“We may also lobby the insurance companies that constantly have to pay following accidents at 64 and 66 Eastern Road,” said Mr Shenje. 

Other residents called for the need to carry out a survey to find out the number of accidents that have occurred on Number 64 and 66 Eastern Road.

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