Drug abuse menace a cause for concern

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Drug abuse menace a cause for concern Broncleer cough syrup, a favourite with drug abusers.


Ivan Zhakata Suburban Reporter

WARD 16 Councillor Denford Ngadziore has expressed deep concern over an increase in drug and substance abuse in the ward.

In a message to residents, Cllr Ngadziore said the Ward 16 community was not spared from the increasing drug abuse scourge currently affecting the country.

He said the majority of people taking drugs were from Mabelreign, Madokero, Greencroft, Haig Park Westlea and Warren Park among other areas.

“Mental health caused by drug abuse is the new pandemic that needs our urgent attention. You may also have realised that increasingly some residents in our community both young and old are abusing drugs.

“As a community collectively we need not to turn a blind eye but be proactive in dealing with the cancerous problem.  Though drugs are also prevalent in homes, I have discovered that over 200 people who are living in plastic shacks along Golden Quarry Road (Museum of African Liberation) are doing drugs,” Cllr Ngadziore said.

He said a 40-year-old property owner near Sherwood Golf Club was among those who were staying in the plastic shacks because of drugs.

Cllr Ngadziore said it was unfortunate that a recreational park at Mabelreign Shopping Centre was turned into a base for drugs where abusers congregate daily to indulge. 

“Collectively as a community we should urgently find a local solution to end drug abuse. All drug distribution centres should be exposed.  

“Residents should use City of Harare Mabelreign District hotline WhatsApp number to report any case of drug use or distribution. At national level, Government should ensure that all transport operators bringing in drugs from across our borders are brought to book,” he said.

Cllr Ngadziore said they will be launching an operation to fight drug abuse which has also led to an increase in criminal activities.

“These drug abusers can steal anything from homes and public places for the purpose of raising money for drugs like crystal meth among others. To deal with the matter at local level, recently l chaired a meeting with acting Mabelreign District Officer Mrs Grace Gambiza and other council officials over the increase of drug abuse in our community. 

“The meeting resolved to set up a taskforce to raid and destroy all drug distribution centres in our community. The taskforce will be chaired by Mrs Gambiza and it includes other members who are Harare Municipal Police, Harare City Development Control, Harare City Health Department, ZRP Mabelreign, Neighbourhood Watches and residents representatives in various suburbs.”

He urged the residents to secretly report all drug peddling spots in Ward 16 to the district office or the nearest police post. They can use the Mabelreign District Office hotline Whatsapp number 0713619627 or report at ZRP Mabelreign 0242-305651.

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