Residents contribute to 2022 Budget

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Residents of Mt Pleasant are requesting that the 2022 National Budget addresses issues affecting them such as roads, wetlands developments, drain clearing, water supply, refuse collection and the improvement of infrastructure.

Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

The residents made the submissions during the recent public hearings conducted by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Budget and Finance to consult the public on their expectations for the 2022 National Budget.

In an interview, Mt Pleasant legislator, Mr Samuel Banda said he has also received some requests from his constituency. 

He said the residents requested that six of the main roads in the constituency namely Alpes (Ward 17), Pendennis (Ward 17), Chatsworth (Ward 17), King George (Ward 7), Suffolk (Ward 7) and Ceres (Ward 7) be revamped.

“Residents want better roads. They also requested that all potholes be patched,” said Mr Banda.

He said residents requested that drains must be cleared in good time.

Mr Banda said residents want reliable water supplies.

“They also requested that old sewer and water pipes be replaced.

“They are also requesting one refuse truck specifically for every district in Harare including for our constituency,” he said.

“They (residents) want zero tolerance on wetland development and devolution funds, 25 percent of all revenue remaining at collection point (in the ward), an increase of funds set aside for devolution from five percent to nine percent of the national budget and devolved funds to be distributed to each district equally based on the amount allocated to Harare Metropolitan Province.”

He said residents also requested the disbursement of adequate cash transfers to marginalised families and the relocation of squatters who have set up structures in Mt Pleasant constituency.

About 300 people have settled illegally in parts of Gunhill (Ward 7) and there are fears that more will continue settling in the suburb.

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