Fight for control rages at Town House

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Fight for control rages at Town House Councillor Mafume


THE infighting at Town House was brought to the fore again this week when suspended Harare mayor Councillor Jacob Mafume chaired a special council meeting saying he had got an execution order on the High Court ruling barring Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo from seeking to replace him. 

Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter 

Mafume said he was entitled to carry out his duties as substantive mayor pending the appeal by the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works against the High Court ruling.

But Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo told Suburban this week that his  Ministry will continue to deal with the chaos at the City of Harare where there is infighting as to who should be in charge at Town House.

Minister Moyo’s warning follows the chairing of a special council meeting on Monday for the allocation of committees by Mafume. Mafume is on suspension as he has faces allegations of abuse of office at the courts.

“This is disobedience. 

“At times Mafume goes and disrupts duties at Town House, at times it is Mupamawonde.

“Anyway, we will continue to deal with it but they just want to have chaos in Harare,” said Minister Moyo. 

Last month, a special council meeting was held to elect Councillor Enock Mupamawonde as acting mayor of Harare.

But the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works nullified the move and stated that Ward 9 Councillor Musarurwa Mutizwa should continue as the acting Mayor until Mafume’s issues are finalised at the courts. 

“Reference is made to the letter dated 20 April 2022 by the Honourable Minister.

“It has come to my attention that on 22 April 2022, an illegal meeting was convened where an Acting Mayor was elected. 

“We have observed that this meeting which purportedly elected an acting Mayor was not properly convened as there was no declaration of vacancy and no notice by the Chamber Secretary to convene the meeting, hence it was illegal.

“Therefore, whatever decisions and resolutions made during that meeting are null and void,” read the letter signed by the acting Permanent Secretary Mrs L Mudyiwa. 

At Monday’s special council meeting, Mafume announced that he applied for an execution order from the courts on the ruling reinstating him pending the appeal by the Ministry of Local Government.

“I obtained an order and that execution was granted and that is why I am sitting in front of you as the Mayor.

“If they decided to continue with their appeal, it means that is the route they have sought and therefore they are bound by the ruling of the court. 

“So that is my response to whoever wrote the letter,” he said.

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