City Academy set for Mozambique tourney

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City Academy set for Mozambique tourney City Academy players during a visit to Ajax Amsterdam Academy.


City Academy are looking forward to raising the Zimbabwean flag high when they take part in a three-day tournament organised by the Provincial Football Association of Manica in Chimoio from Friday to Sunday.

Curtworth Masango

The Academy managed to secure partnerships with Petex Branding, Yum Yum, and Multiplus Electricals, who are sponsoring the trip.

City Academy have toured neighbouring countries and Europe as well where they have established relationships with top clubs like Manchester City in England, Juventus in Italy, Barcelona in Spain, and Ajax in the Netherlands.

In July the Academy is scheduled for a trip for the Portugal Ibercup tournament, which is regarded as one of the best developmental tournaments in the world.

Director Agripa Guti said they are confident of bringing the trophy from Mozambique at the weekend.

“Our target is to raise the Zimbabwean flag high and show that we have talent in Zimbabwe. Our expectations are to bring the trophy home.

“We would like to thank everyone, who has come forward to partner with us including Petex Branding, Multiplus Electricals, and Yum Yum for assisting us on this journey since most of our kids are underprivileged and vulnerable.

“So we are grateful for them stretching a helping hand to us and as an Academy but we are still open to well-wishers and other sponsors who might also want to chip in,” he said.

The academy’s partners believe in enriching the lives of youths through sport in a bid to help them escape the vices that are ruining young lives mainly drugs and substance abuse.

“As an organization we believe in enriching the lives of our young generation. Most young boys and girls are succumbing to drugs and substance abuse, prostitution among other unethical things in a bid to escape the harsh realities of life.

“Many have a deep passion for sport and have dreams of pursuing football as a career but they fail to achieve that due to lack of proper funding.

“That being the case, we have decided to bridge that gap by offering support to football academies like City Academy so that every child gets an equal opportunity to chase their dreams besides their background and financial status,” said Elizabeth Mukabeta of Petex Branding.

Multiplus Electrical representative Tendai Guidence Mudariki said this is an opportunity for their organisation to align their commitment to fostering creativity and learning within communities.

“We believe in supporting the arts and education. Sponsoring City Academy aligns with our commitment to fostering creativity and learning within our community,” he said.

“The tournament in Mozambique presents an exciting opportunity to empower and equip the juniors in several ways.

“It allows them to develop their sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership skills, as they will be competing in a new and challenging environment.

“Additionally, the experience can provide exposure to different playing styles and strategies, fostering adaptability and resilience. The trip can also promote cultural exchange and understanding, broadening the juniors’ perspectives and enriching their overall growth and development,” he said.

Yum Yum representative, Abdul Manah Sheikh, said:

“We are supporting the initiative of City Academy to bring the young talent in front and play for the country and also fight drug and substance abuse through sport.”

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