Work to renovate Greendale swimming pool to start soon

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Work to renovate Greendale swimming pool to start soon The neglected Swimming pool.


Residents have been making financial donations towards reviving the council-run Greendale community swimming pool with the repairs expected to start at the end of this month. 

Ivan Zhakata Suburban Reporter

More residents have pledged to support the resuscitation of the swimming pool for the benefit of the community and those from surrounding suburbs as well as schools in the neighbourhood.

 The residents’ committee tasked with coordinating efforts to resuscitate the swimming pool has established points where people can leave their donations. 

These include Home Hardware — Pool Plaza at Kamfinsa Shops and Honey Dew Centre — also known as Food Lovers Focal Point.

Greendale Community Swimming Pool Committee member Ms Sue Bell said they were happy that the residents were expressing a keen interest in reviving the swimming pool through making contributions.

“Received by me is $59 315 and US$40 at our collection points total US$157. Many thanks to one extremely generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous. Please note this does include whatever has been raised on the GoFundMe page,” she informed residents.

Ms Amanda Olivier one of the directors of Going Green pledged to do all the landscaping and gardening at the swimming pool’s premises.

“We are just waiting on go ahead to do gardens etcetera. I can be very beneficial to do this as it can raise funds to fix up other things that need attention,” she said.

Mr Dalubuhle Sibanda, who is in charge of fundraising and communication on the swimming pool project, said they were targeting to raise US$4 000 from individual donors excluding other fundraising activities.

“Everyone should aim to donate what they can, even $20 everything helps. In practical terms if everyone aims to donate US$5 equivalent every single month over the next three months we are likely to hit our target. 

“If we are all agreeable this is achievable, allow us to set this as a target for everyone. Once you hit the US$15 target your name will be listed onto a public list. The actual amount you have donated will not be listed though,” he said.

Mr Sibanda said they have exciting ideas ahead but a lot anchors on individual donors expressing their interest to support the initiative.

He said for purposes of clarification and avoiding misuse of money when a person makes a donation he or she will receive a receipt with a date, full name and mobile number. 

“All cash must be handed in at these two points only. No committee member is authorised to handle any money except Sue Bell. All money is remitted onward to our supplier partners. We thank you in advance for your kind donations.”

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