Willowmead Lane undergoes surfacing

13 Sep, 2021 - 10:09 0 Views
Willowmead Lane undergoes surfacing Bitumen World began repairs on Willowmead Lane last month.


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Bitumen World has advised residents that it will be surfacing Willowmead Lane in Ballantyne Park with prime and asphalt starting on Monday, September 13, 2021 and has requested motorists to try as much as possible to avoid driving on the road while it is “wet”.

In a notice to residents, the company said should it be necessary for residents to drive on the road they should try to move slowly while keeping their vehicles half on the road and half off the road.

“Please note that Willowmead Lane will be surfaced with prime and asphalt starting on Monday 13 September. We intend to prepare for priming (the first phase of the bituminous surfacing process) on Monday morning with a view to priming on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. We will be using a quick penetrating prime but (we) don’t know how quick it will be,” the company said.

It added: “If residents can avoid travelling on it whilst it is ‘wet’ it would be much appreciated. If they have to travel, try to stay half on and half off the road as much as possible. Drive slowly to avoid splashing onto the bodywork of the vehicle! If a driver does get prime on their vehicle it is easily taken off with degreaser or diesel rubbed in with a cloth and then rinsed with soapy water. The application of bitumen and stone will follow a few days later.”

Bitumen World recently repaired Willowmead Lane using earthzyme, which is a long-term soil stabiliser that is designed to increase stability of high clay content materials by increasing its density after compaction, with residents funding the repairs to the tune of US$37 203,34.

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