Ward 7 applauded for abiding by lockdown

24 Apr, 2020 - 14:04 0 Views
Ward 7 applauded for abiding by lockdown Councilor Happymore Gotora


Ivan Zhakata Suburban Reporter

WARD 7 Councilor Happymore Gotora has applauded the residents in his ward for abiding by the lockdown measures put in place by Government to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Cllr Gotora said he has established that the residents in his ward were staying at their homes and those who were going to the local shops were practicing social distancing.

He said though most residents were abiding by the declaration, some were also breaching the measures by roaming around the ward with no good reason.

“I have been moving around the ward and I have seen that most people are obeying but there are some who are rebellious and are just moving around,” he said.

“Some are having house parties inviting friends and relatives to their parties. We need to stop such behaviour. We need to adhere to this Government declaration that we must stay at home until such a time when things come back to normal but I am happy that most Ward 7 residents are obeying the law.”

Cllr Gotora said residents must understand that COVID-19 is real hence the reports of people testing positive.

He urged the residents to continue staying in their homes until the lockdown is over.

“Let us abide by the statutory declaration that we must maintain social distance. We must stay in our homes so that we stop spreading this virus because if we move it moves and if we stop it stops.

“Let us stay in our homes so that we remain safe and we must continue to adhere to the guidelines that have been stated by our medical professionals which include washing our hands using soap under running water and using sanitizers. We need to make sure that we adhere to these measures that also include avoid touching our faces and covering our faces when coughing or sneezing,” he said.

Cllr Gotora also encouraged those residents defying the order to abide by the law so that they do not get caught off side by law enforcement agencies.

The initial 21-day lockdown expired on Sunday midnight but President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced a 14-day extension which ends on May 3.

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