Wallis Road residents go for two weeks without water

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Wallis Road residents go for two weeks without water Tap water


Residents of Wallis Road in Mandara have gone for two weeks without City of Harare water yet they are supposed to be getting supplies every Monday according to the council’s water management system.

Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

A resident of Wallis Road said they didn’t receive water on Monday this week and last week while on some of the occasions they get water in their taps, the pressure will be low.

“It’s sad how others get water three or four times a week yet some of us don’t even have the Monday allocation.

“The allocation is not guaranteed.

“And when we get it, the pressure is low.

“Can distribution of this rare commodity be rationalized?” asked the Mandara resident.

Contacted for comment, City of Harare’s corporate communications manager, Mr Michael Chideme said Mandara residents will receive water on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“We are supplying water to Mandara.

“Today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday), they will have water.

“We urge residents to attend to it,” he said.

Meanwhile, residents of Zimre Way also in Mandara said they have since lost hope of receiving council water as they last received it at the beginning of the new millennium.

“All we get are bills,” said a resident from Zimre Way.

Added another resident: “Zimre Way seems cursed. No water for up to two decades for some houses and some houses, several (borehole) drilling trials have been to no avail.”

Residents also complained about the bad roads in Mandara.

They said even 4 x 4 vehicles struggle to drive on some of the roads.

“Dudley Edwards Road and Zimre Way are more (of) gullies than roads,” said a resident.

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