Veteran writer stops production due to lack of funding

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Veteran writer stops production due to lack of funding Aaron Chiundura Moyo


SEASONED author Aaron Chiundura Moyo has been forced to shelve production of new dramas and novels due to financial constraints.

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Speaking to The Herald Arts, Chiundura Moyo said he had been working on three productions but stopped. The prolific writer of popular novels as “Uchandifungawo”, “Kereke Inofa”, “Wakandicheka Nerakagomara”, “Nguwo Dzouswa” insisted, he still has more to offer because he does not get tired of writing novels should he get out of financial constraints.

“Three of my productions, “Tiri Parwendo”, “Madhunamutuna Part 2” and “Pedyo Kure” are still to be filmed because I stopped due to lack of funds. The cast and crew are ready for the continuation of these productions,” said Chiundura Moyo.

He also wrote dramas such as “Kuridza Ngoma” among others.

“The scripts for the productions are ready or can be adjusted to suit some of the roles played by actors and actresses who for some reasons can no longer continue with us and that the crew and cast are ready for the cameras, the one and only challenge that stopped me from producing these and other newly scripted drama series is, money and just money,” said Chiundura Moyo. Chiundura Moyo, who is the award-winning writer, said the series were critical and a beacon for revisiting the history like the Third Chimurenga commonly known as “Hondo Yeminda”.

“As for “Tiri Parwendo” the series has to still cover different of our historical periods up to the time of the struggle of Zimbabwe to the “Third Chimurenga” or somewhere there,” he said.

“Pedyo Kure” and “Madhunamutuna Part 2” can go on and off the screen up to the time when the viewers start showing less interest in them,” said Chiundura Moyo. He said he was experiencing pressure from people in every place to respond to why he was not doing productions.

“Each time I walk along the streets of any Zimbabwean town people sincerely ask me as to when I would come back on the screen and I have been answering them with one simple sentence ‘very soon,” he said.

Chiundura Moyo said he was unable to stop his career, adding it was something that has been the daily bread in his life.

“Writing, acting, directing and producing has occupied a larger part of my life so if I stop producing that will mark the end of my life. I still have a lot to share with my dear viewers as well as readers.

“This silence looks like a blessing in disguise because this breather has given me a chance to see how other people in the same field are doing their thing,” he said.

He said he was occupied with bringing the dangerous substances and drug abuse issues into play, as well as dramatizing the HIV and Aids issue.

“Besides the above productions I talked about, currently I’m occupied with drafting plots for other new productions just in case someone comes along with a promising contract.

“The drug issue has to be dramatized the same way we handled the HIV/AIDS issue,” said Chiundura Moyo.

“I play a number of other roles in the field of art. Also I am still writing radio dramas. Mind you, my writing, scripting, producing and acting was born out of radio where it all started,” said Chiundura Moyo.

Chiundura Moyo is contemplating going digital in line with the global technological trends as a one sure way of revamping his career since he currently has a lot of content.

“I”m also thinking of adapting some of my books (novels and plays) into films and TV dramas as a way of revamping my career. However, the thought is still being nursed,” he said. – The Herald

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