Urgency needed to finish Harare Drive ring road

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The construction of the Harare Drive ring road is a significant and much-needed development for the City of Harare.

As the Government works on the road rehabilitation under the Road Development programme, the completion of the missing links of the Harare Drive ring road is set to alleviate the traffic congestion in the city centre and provide a more efficient route for local and inter-city traffic. The recent announcement made by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga underscores the importance of this project for the city.

The proposed construction of the Harare Drive ring road reflects a proactive approach to addressing the growing traffic challenges within the city. By completing this essential infrastructure, the Government aims to streamline traffic flow, particularly for vehicles traveling to and from various destinations.

The integration of the missing links of the ring road demonstrates a comprehensive strategy to enhance the city’s transportation network. Engineers and residents have long advocated for the construction of the missing links as a solution to the city’s traffic congestion. Their insights and observations during recent discussions on roads and traffic management highlight the pressing need for this infrastructure.

Engineer Bernard Musarurwa’s emphasis on the importance of keeping through traffic, especially heavy goods vehicles, away from the central business district resonates with the necessity of this project. The proposed construction of the Harare Drive ring road aligns with the city’s long-term development plans, as outlined in the 1998 detailed engineering designs and the 2013 feasibility study. The completion of this road will not only connect major regional trunk roads but also contribute to the overall urban development of the Greater Harare Metropolis. The call for an outer ring road to further restrict traffic from the metropolitan area emphasises the holistic approach needed to address the city’s traffic management challenges.

However, the absence of a city traffic engineer within the City of Harare raises concerns about the adequacy of the current transport planning model. As residents question the city council’s approach to traffic management, it becomes imperative for the local authority to reevaluate its  strategies and consider the appointment of a dedicated traffic engineer.

A city traffic engineer could play a pivotal role in devising comprehensive traffic management plans. Harare Drive ring road is not merely a matter of building new roads; it represents a critical step towards enhancing the city’s overall mobility and urban development. The commitment to implementing these proposals and the collaboration between the Government, engineers, council and residents are essential for the successful realisation of this project. As Harare looks towards the future, the construction of the ring road stands as a pivotal endeavour that will shape the city’s transportation landscape for years to come.

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