Unrepaired water leaks develop into potholes

17 Jun, 2022 - 00:06 0 Views
Unrepaired water leaks develop into potholes One of the huge potholes along Surrey Road.


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TWO big potholes have developed in the middle of Surrey Road in Avondale West as a result of a leaking water pipes that have not been repaired for two years.

In the past two years a number of motorists have had their cars trapped in the huge potholes after unknowingly driving into them.  Residents have been wondering whether council was waiting for some motorists to die or get seriously injured before attending to the leaks.  

This week the City of Harare workers finally began attending to the water leaks but residents have been questioning how much will they do in fixing the problems given the old and rusty water pipes around the whole of Avondale West, which have outlived their lifespan. 

Residents told Ward 7 Councillor Happymore Gotora that the burst pipes on Surrey between Clare and Perth Roads were extremely dangerous. 

The two big pools of water resulting from the burst water pipes were now being used for car wash and laundry.  

“The burst pipes on Surrey between Clare and Perth roads, Avondale West are now being utilised as a car wash and why not?  It appears not only car wash but now laundry water left in the hole. So when the water supply is cut, this dirty water seeps into the pipe delivery system! CoH obviously don’t care about sorting it out, yet they have mounted a campaign to disconnect water from homes not paid up – which should be nearly everyone in the absence of any meaningful and trustworthy billing system.

“This must be over two years old now. The vegetation which has almost covered the road now, bares testament to it. I cannot believe CoH are that incompetent in repairing this broken pipe and if they are, why are these ‘engineers’ still employed and drawing salaries however paltry they may be. Do the work, people will see and maybe people will start paying rates again!?” said Mr Nic Fourie.

Although residents noted that the city workers had started working on repairing the burst pipes, they were concerned if a proper job would be done given council is known for being shoddy when it comes to such works.

 Residents also sought answers from Councillor Gotora on what the long term plan was for the replacement of old water pipes.

“The metal pipe has surely stood the test of time, but alas, it has now gone to the big pipe factory in the sky! This section is indicative of the rest of the potable water system in Avondale West, one of the oldest suburbs in the city. Surely this type of replacement to PVC pipes can be done in a matter of weeks using the excavator. PVC pipes themselves are not expensive and even less so their connections. What is the long term plan Cllr H. Gotora?” asked Mr Fourie. 

Residents expressed concern over the City of Harare’s procurement systems and noted how it promotes corruption among managers.

“If Harare Water and City of Harare central stores procurement were compelled/forced to buy directly from the local factories instead of going through their third party syndicate supplier system, then such things would be far cheaper and easier to achieve. All the rotten processes and people need to be changed/investigated/prosecuted/jailed. Only then will the light begin to shine at the end of the tunnel,” observed another resident.

Added Mr Fourie: “But it’s a thing by certain entrenched managers to look after their cronies in the supply system.  The kick back system is huge and profitable. If they deny this is happening, then prove otherwise and show transparency in the tender system. There is nothing secretive when using our monies.”

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