‘Tome has case to answer’

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A Harare magistrate Mrs Brabra Mateko says Edward Tome who is facing charges of illegally extracting water for resale in a residential area has a case to answer.

Ivan Zhakata Suburban Reporter

Mrs Mateko made the averment on Wednesday last week but further postponed the ruling on Tome who stands accused of illegally extracting and selling bulk water without a permit to June 8.

Mrs Mateko was supposed to deliver her judgement on Wednesday this week after postponing the matter last week following Tome’s request through his legal representatives. Tome pleaded with the court to accept a late submission of his defence papers. 

On Wednesday last week, Tome’s legal representative asked the court to throw out the case saying they have some affidavits related to the case but Mrs Mateko dismissed the affidavits and said that Tome has a case to answer.

She however postponed the case to June 8 for ruling.

Tome of 327 Jacana Drive in Borrowdale is out of custody on a $6 000 bail.

He is facing charges of:

Selling bulk water in residential areas without a water permit as required by Section34 of the Water Act of 1998.

Bulk water extraction in residential areas yet not registered by Water Authority in violation of Section 17A of Water(Permits)Regulations of 2013 (SI 90 of 2013

Defying the Orders of the Mazowe Catchment Council in violation of Section 27 of the Water Act of 1998.

Tome is also facing charges of bulk water extraction and selling of water which was not inspected for human consumption by water authorities in violation of Section 43 of the Water Act of 1998, and obstruction of water authority officials in violation of Section 118j by fighting officials doing their work.

Allegations are that Mr Ernest Ndoro from Nyagui sub catchment council was called by a client on 23 January saying Tome was selling bulk water.

Mr Ndoro and Silas Munetsi reacted to the call and proceeded to Borrowdale Police Station where they picked up a police officer and went to Tome’s residence.

Upon arrival at Tome’s house, the court heard that the trio saw a truck was fully loaded with bulk water for sale, leading to his arrest.

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