Tackling juvenile suicides

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Tackling juvenile suicides Suicide among teens a worrying trend.


Jeremiah Mudonha

The growing, hair-raising novel trend of children taking their lives has put our community into panic mode.

What has really gotten into our young folks whose future lives we were banking on for the development and prosperity of our motherland? 

Imagine the latest incident reported by H-Metro of a nine-year-old boy from Epworth, Farai Munemo who allegedly committed suicide after he had been reprimanded by his mother. 

The boy who was doing Grade Three at Queensdale Primary School was reportedly found hanging on a rope tied to the wooden beam ceiling in their house.

A similar incident that also took place recently, Redcliff teenager Tinotenda Gundira (15) was found hanging in a local church toilet after missing for days. 

Only God knows the truth behind the occurrence of these and other juvenile suicides. 

Yes, death is inevitable but of all other causes, what has enticed our children to take the devil’s route of dying by suicide? 

Are the juvenile suicides genuine or should we suspect foul play? 

It ought to be seen if we are not having adults killing innocent children then cook up suicide scenes to cover up their unforgivable homicides.

Whatever the case may be, juvenile suicides are a demon that has to be exorcised from our communities.

God help our children lest they perish. 

Assuming that our children are culpable for their demise, I suppose it’s time we rethink everything about them. 

This sad scenario would point to the fact that our children now know more than what they ought to at their tender ages. 

It is apparent that the current system of the fast-paced, microwave world has indiscriminately exposed our bundles of joy to virtually all evils and at the same time, mercilessly hidden from them all the good virtues worth living for like patience, love, hard work and hope. 

Thus, I ask you parents and guardians alike to spend more time with your children.

Through interactions, you may quickly pick wrong thoughts indwelling your children. 

Never ever assume that your kids are still young or well-mannered. 

Remember it is aptly said that still waters run deep.

Thus, constantly monitor your children’s behaviour, speeches, dressing and everything else.

Don’t hesitate or slacken in correcting their wayward feelings, thoughts, speeches and deeds which may lead to suicides or other deadly consequences. 

Never leave anything to fate  

Try as much as possible to create a close relationship with your children so much that they will find it easy to confide in you with their secrets and misgivings.

Be an approachable parent! 

Strive to meet your children’s burdens and always let them understand your situation if you fail to. 

Also limit the pressure that you put on your kids on school work, household chores or general life.

Remember, people are different so with love, learn to understand children’s weaknesses before seeking to correct them, if you can.


but do not force

Depending on circumstances at hand, suggest and don’t impose. The ultimate goal is to keep our children happy. 

Again, be inquisitive about the nature of your children’s friends. Mind you, children copy bad traits from their friends.

For example, most kids immersed in drug abuse admit that they learnt the habit from their friends. 

I also exhort you dear parents to be cautious on the stuff that you let your little ones watch on television. 

They may watch films showcasing people, among other things, committing suicide which can drive them into experimenting.   Above everything else, please parents, watch your actions and words lest they become your children’s. 

Never, at any point in time think of or mention anything about committing suicide yourself especially in front of children.  Rather, be positive about life.

Children should emulate your courage in face of adversity

Pray with your children and teach them what is good. 

On the other hand, we have a mind-boggling possibility, in this context, that parents, guardians or other adults alike are taking away children’s lives through strangling them or any other means as they feign suicides. 

Truth be said, if the situation has gotten to this, then our kids are in serious trouble.  Who then can children trust if those to be trusted now bay for their innocent blood. 

This reminds me of our local gospel musician, Mai Charamba’s song in which she said, “Zvenyu munotowana vana vekurasa vamwe vachivatsvaka” meaning you have children to dump while others are tirelessly seeking them.

In this supposedly doomed generation of murderous custodians of children, I suggest that we should all now keep our eyes open on the lives of juveniles in our society? 

Let’s fight for justice of the abused children

Speak for them and act in their best interests.

Quickly report any abuse of children to relevant authorities but if you are that kind of person harbouring evil thoughts of murdering children, please repent before it is too late.

I am confident that the law will catch up with you.

Children, like everyone else have an inalienable right to life.  

Live and let live 

As l conclude, I implore all responsible authorities to re-look at this disturbing phenomenon.

May no stone be left unturned in pursuit of justice for our children, departed or living. Assuming we have glided into the terrain of kids behaving like adults, I suppose we decisively put away ropes and any poisonous substances from them forthwith.

And more importantly, let us keep children, especially those with suicidal tendencies under check.

By suicidal tendencies, I also imply every attitude or behaviour that depicts bad moods and temperament. 

After reading this article, I exhort you to do some counselling on your kids explaining to them the advantages of staying alive and how bad it is to commit suicide. 

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