St John’s Prep deny reports of attempted abduction

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St John’s Prep deny reports of attempted abduction St John's Prep


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ST John’s Preparatory School has denied social media reports that there was an attempt to kidnap one of its students at the school premises on Monday this week.

In a notice to parents on Tuesday, the school headmaster Mr Ryan Barbour said no such incident took place. 

The false report went viral on Monday with people sharing the report in their social media groups.

“Good day parents. Just to alert you please engage your kids to never entertain strangers.  Our son, Mukudzei this noon (Monday, January 30, 2022) was approached by a gentleman clad in a black suit right at the waiting area. The man was trying to convince him that we had sent him to pick him up on our behalf.  Because the boy was alert and he knows who pick(s) him up all the time he refused and went straight to notify Percy (the Security guy) about the suspicious character.  Unfortunately, the man sneaked and ran away using a white Honda Fit that was parked conveniently on the main road.  We thank God for protection.

“Hi mums please send this to as many people as you can. This happened today (Monday) at St Johns Prep School. I also heard a report of a child taken last week from Highlands (Primary) School, apparently they let him go when learned he was 11 and not 8 years old. Please be vigilant and speak to your kiddos,” read the circulated social media message.

But Mr Barbour assured parents in his circular that the school had investigated the matter and established that no abduction attempt took place.

“It came to my attention last night via social media that there was a supposed attempt of an abduction at the junior waiting area yesterday afternoon at St John’s Prep. Having thoroughly investigated the matter early this morning and spoken to the boy and his parents, I can report that no such incident took place and that the various versions of events circulating on social media are false.

“Thank you to all parents in our community who contacted the school to find out the truth prior to forwarding on any false information as it is the duty of all of us to guard our school’s reputation,” said Mr Barbour.

He said the school works hard to ensure its environs are a safe and secure space for the boys to undertake learning and extra-curricular activities without incident.

“We continually monitor our surroundings with surveillance cameras, employ Safeguard whose CEO recently assessed our security system, and have duty members of staff stationed at waiting areas during pick up times. Our boys have safe waiting areas to sit in, are prohibited from talking to anyone through our perimeter palisade fence and are constantly reminded about the dangers of strangers. Thank you also to the parents and guardians who drop off and pick up our boys timeously, as the earlier the drop off – the safer the traffic and the earlier the pickup – the less opportunity for misfortune,” said Mr Barbour.


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