St John Ambulance holds first aid competitions

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St John Ambulance holds first aid competitions St John’s Ambulance is committed to ensuring the competitions equip students with useful skills to help their communities.


ST JOHN Ambulance last week held the 2024 regional first aid competitions where 14 teams from secondary schools and 12 primary schools participated.  

Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

In an interview, schools’ coordinator, Mrs Clarah Murambiwa said the schools were presented with a scenario which they were required to manage.

“We have St John Ambulance 2024 regional first aid scenario competitions.

“Two weeks ago we had quiz competitions.

“So the same schools are back now for the scenario competitions.

“We have 14 teams for secondary and 12 primary schools.

“One school, Ellis Robins has dropped out.

“We have Chisipite Senior School, Arundel, St Johns High School Emerald Hill, Christ Ministries, St Ignatius College, Mt Pleasant High School, Mabelreign Girls High and Churchill.

“We also have primary schools, Acacia, Nettleton, Tynwald, Selbourne Routledge, Domboshawa Primary School and Nhamburiko Glen View 4 Primary,” she said. Mrs Murambiwa outlined how the competitions are formulated.

“When we talk of scenario competitions, we present the schools with a scenario; where an accident has taken place and how to then manage the scene. So each school goes in to show how they attend to the casualties and how they manage this and even how they consult the hospitals to come and pick up the casualties.

“We also have judges who will be looking at the way they are managing,” she said.

Mrs Murambiwa said similar competitions also took place on same day in Bulawayo and Mutare.

Before the announcement of the winners, Mr Loveson Gopo, national brigade secretary said the first aid scenario competitions were a follow-up to the first aid quiz competitions that happened a couple of weeks ago.

“And this was a calculation of everything.

“So at the end of it, all the results are a combination of the quiz and scenario competitions,” he said.

Mr Goko thanked the teachers for taking the students through the first aid lessons.

After the announcement of the results, Mrs Murambiwa thanked the teachers for their professionalism and dedication.

“These competitions are for the youngsters. Today we have seen a bit of professionalism.

“Some of the teachers were very professional. So we want to thank you very much.

“And please maintain this integrity.

“We want this competition to go on.

“We know that there are some people who joined this year and some who have always been in this competition.”

She said St John’s Ambulance was committed to ensuring the competitions equip the students with useful skills to help their communities.

“We want you at the end of the day to be at the same level, to be able to help in your communities, to be able to help in your schools as well.

“We are hoping the new schools are not discouraged, we will be helping you.

“We know there are some still trying to come for the assessments, we are still waiting for you,” she said.

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