Spend time with your children, police urge parents

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Spend time with your children, police urge parents Marlborough residents attend a drug awareness workshop in the suburb.


Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has urged parents to spend time with their children in order to observe any behaviour changes and be able to detect misdemeanours such as drug and substance abuse early.

Speaking at a drug abuse awareness workshop held on Saturday, Sergeant Zhira from the Zimbabwe Republic Police Marlborough Police Station public relations said parents should always take an interest in the activities of their children to safeguard them from falling into harm.

He urged parents to search satchels, know the whereabouts of their children, monitor their cellphones and give them reasonable pocket money.

“As ZRP, we say no to drugs. We have the Drugs Strategy, the Dangerous Drugs Act and many other enactments that are being put in place in order to control and avert the scourge of drugs. The Government is investing so much into this awareness drive,” he said.

Sgt Zhira also spoke about lighetning creams that could be harmful singling out Betasol, caro light and other creams as dangerous.

He said for men, the effects of drugs are mostly crime-related.

Sgt Zhira said some type of drugs come as sexual performance enhancers.

“These drugs stimulate or enhance one’s sexual performance.

“They are meant to increase libido, sex drive and for people with erectile dysfunction.

“They cause infertility.

“They also cause drug dependency.

“They come in different forms which include tablets, powders, creams, lotions, juices, sprays and many others for example, silver bullet, Viagra, Congo dust, wild horse, Cildenafil, all those are drugs but they are meant for those with erectile dysfunction,” he said.

Sgt Zhira said there are also body part enlargement creams and tablets which enhance the growth of certain body parts like breasts, hips, bums and men’s private parts, hip enlargement creams, butt enlargement creams, breast enlargement creams and appetito tablets.

He said prescription preparatory drugs cause drug dependency syndrome or drug addiction and gave the examples of heroine, morphine, codeine, Histalix and diazepam.

“Those are found in powder form but can be crystalised, crack, taken by smoking or taking injections,” said Sgt Zhira.

He said youths fall into the trap of drug abuse because of their eagerness to experiment or fit in certain groups.

“Causes of drug and substance abuse are to experiment, to fit in, to relieve boredom, early exposure to drugs, to escape from personal problems or relax, availability of drugs, to perform better, too much freedom, parties and sleepovers and limited knowledge about the effects of drug abuse,” said Sgt Zhira.

He said for students signs and symptoms that one is taking drugs start when one begins to have problems at school such as:

  • frequently missing school
  • lack of interest in school resulting in poor performance
  • physical health issues
  • lack of energy
  • lack of motivation
  • weight loss
  • red eyes
  • red lips
  • neglected appearance
  • lack of interest in clothing
  • lack of interest in grooming and appearance
  • changes in behaviour
  • money issues
  • disturbed sleeping patterns
  • violent behaviour
  • hallucinations
  • being secretive
  • demanding money more than before
  • anxiety
  • loss of interest in hobbies
  • demanding respect, love and attention
  • lack of appetite
  • slurred speech and
  • hanging out with older people.

Sgt Zhira also spoke about the consequences of abusing drugs and substances listing the following as some of the problems resulting from drug use:

  • damage the brain cells leading to mental health issues
  • impaired judgement
  • hallucinations
  • depression
  • blurred vision
  • damage of vital organs such as kidneys, liver and brain
  • death
  • decline in grades at school
  • increase in school dropouts
  • increase in risk of death (suicide, accidents at work or on the road, illness)
  • unwanted pregnancies
  • high risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections
  • mental health problems due to damaged brain cells
  • family financial constraints resulting in the selling of valuables to get money to buy drugs or seek treatment

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