Sherwood Golf Club noise nuisance takes new twist

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Sherwood Golf Club noise nuisance takes new twist Sherwood Golf Club


THE alleged noise nuisance at Sherwood Golf Club has taken a new twist with the club saying there is someone trying to tarnish their image and that person has ulterior motives.

Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter 

While the club did not divulge the name of the person, a spokesperson for the golf club said the person tarnishing their image also had interests in the club.

“The story of Sherwood Golf Club is a story of a community facility that has been successfully reclaimed from total dilapidation and threats of wetland housing development and restored to full functionality now including one of the most successful juniors golf academy in the country, regular golf games and a safe space for the community to meet and socialise hence the slogan “Sherwood is Community.”

“Emblematic to this community ethos is Sherwood Golf Club’s leadership in clean-up and environmental protection efforts working together with residents from the area as was the case with the recent World Clean Up Day which was widely covered in major press outlets this year and the club’s provision of free drinking water to dozens of families on a daily basis while providing opportunities for many young people from the community. 

“This is the story of Sherwood Golf Club. Regrettably not everyone is happy with this progress. These false allegations are well known to be championed by a self-serving individual who has her own intentions for the golf club and has tried for a long time to use her affiliation to State institutions to disrupt progress that is serving the whole community. 

“Like every other entity in the area, we occasionally host special functions and it is malicious for anyone to try and characterise this as ‘noise on a daily basis’.’”

The Sherwood Golf Club officials also alleged that the said individual behind maligning them was being bitter over failing to secure a contract to supply provisions at the golf club.

“The same person fanning these allegations has tried to have her family supply the club and seems incensed by the fact that our procurement decided otherwise,” said Ashlegh Pfunye, Sherwood Golf Club information liaison.

Pfunye added; “We have on record confirmed false reports filed from the same individual. Time will expose her nefarious intentions.”

Some residents of Mabelreign are complaining of noise allegedly taking place at the golf club which they said takes place during weekdays and weekends.

An affected resident told Suburban that during the weekend of November 19-21 a report was made at Mabelreign Police Station RRB 11021/21 of noise that allegedly took place on Saturday evening November 20, 2021 around 8pm.

The Mabelreign resident said previous police reports have been made before of the alleged noise nuisance which include RRB4882194, RRB 4482192, RRB 4782219 (reported at Mabelreign Police Station on May 29 and RRB 4782089 (report made on May 21) this year.

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