Sentosa complains of non-collection of refuse

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Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

Residents of Sentosa in Mabelreign are complaining that refuse is not being collected as frequently as it should yet they are paying their rates.

A resident of the suburb, Mr Luke Nyamanhare told Suburban that council charges them for four collections every month yet they have gone for three weeks without any garbage collections.

“Bins have not been collected for three weeks now.

“But city council charges us four times a month!”

“One has to fight tooth and nail to understand what they are doing,” he said.

Mr Nyamanhare, a resident of Riverhead Road, said they are also being made to pay for water yet they do not receive council tap water.

“They send the water bill yet we hardly get water and it’s been years since we last saw a council (water) meter reader.

“We have people with boreholes but are still being charged by city council.

“How do they then calculate the amount owed for water being used in households?” wondered the Sentosa resident.

In Strathaven the situation is the same with garbage from households along Lyndhurst Lane in Ward 7 not collected for over a month.

“Lyndhurst Lane in Strathaven going on five weeks with no collections.

“Is there anyone that can explain what the problem is?” inquired a resident.

Mr Thomas Kanjere from Kensington, also in Ward 7, said there is need for communication from council on the refuse collection delays especially when they are charging exorbitant water and rates bills.

“This is not right for the officials to keep quiet when there is serious lack of expected service.

“Indeed I would classify it as dereliction of duty,” said Mr Kanjere.

Another Ward 7 resident Mr John Vekris of Avondale West also complained of lack of communication on council’s refuse collection blitzes which results in the garbage trucks not collecting all the rubbish as residents will be unaware, eventually leading to illegal dumping.

“This side in Avondale West, we get completely unannounced blitzes when we least expect it.

“So many residents miss the truck and many of them eventually dump their rubbish across the road from me,” he said.
Another resident complained of residents dumping garbage near his house.

“People are dumping rubbish next to my house at an open space in Suffolk Road, Strathaven,” said the resident.

 In Ward 17 in Mt Pleasant residents were also complaining of lack of communication on when to expect the waste collection teams.

“Good day. Refuse collection did happen in my area yesterday (Monday) without notice – I am wondering what this group is all about if there are no answers/response from those in council on such issues?” a Mt Pleasant resident posted on the Ward 17 residents group on Tuesday.

Immediately after the resident’s post, Mt Pleasant district officer Mrs Marion Mverechena shared the refuse collection schedule for the period October 11-16 but residents wondered why they were receiving the schedule when collection had already been done.

“Thanks Marion for this. But Mount Pleasant collection was yesterday (Monday). Why are we receiving this today (Tuesday)?”

Inquired an Avondale resident: “Mrs Mverechena where is Avondale on this list?”

Across town in Ward 9 Letombo Park, Greendale residents said they had gone for three months without refuse collection.

“They come on Cecil Road up to Marion Edwards then go up there,” said a resident.

The Letombo resident said the driver of the refuse compactor and the waste collectors ignore people whistling for them to stop.

“We had at one stage two trucks that came to collect garbage in about an hour but to no avail,” he said.

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