School handling case of student spotted at lodge

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School handling case of student spotted at lodge Mabelreign Girls High School study centre.


Authorities at Mabelreign Girls’ High School are handling the matter concerning one of their students seen in a video footage at a lodge just outside the central business district.

Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

Ward 16 resident Mr Denford Ngadziore, who is former councillor for the area, said the school authorities had, however, not provided details as to how they were handling the matter.

“I checked with the school head and what I have verified is that the brothel is near Rotten Row. It is true that the girl is from Mabelreign Girls High School.

“School authorities are handling the matter but they didn’t give me the exact details on the way forward concerning the matter,” he said.

The video of the girl wearing a Mabelreign Girls’ High School uniform went viral on social media at the weekend with some men being heard querying what business the school girl should have at a lodge.

The men could be heard arguing with workers wearing branded uniforms written City Lodge that the student should not be allowed into the lodge.

Harare Provincial Spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza said they have not received a report of the case yet to begin investigations into the matter.

Mabelreign residents expressed concern over the video wondering what a school girl could be doing at a lodge. The residents were grateful that there were some Good Samaritans who made sure that the issue was exposed.

Mabelreign residents, discussing the matter on their Ward 16 residents’ platform, questioned the idea of school girls hanging around lodges.

They appeared worried the girl might have been in bad company given the rising cases of sexual abuse involving the girl child.

The residents urged each other to ensure their girl child’s personal needs were taken care of otherwise they will be offered by adult men preying on the deprived girls in exchange for sexual favours.

“That lodge should be shut down if it’s Mabelreign. See what is happening to the girl child in/from our ward. If you have a girl child try your best to meet their personal needs otherwise she will earn a living the wrong way. Lodge needs to be identified and shut down.

“Maybe the headmistress at Mabelreign Girls High School can help identify that student and she can identify where the lodge is located. Parents with children at Mabelreign Girls High School should take this up with the headmistress. Councillor and MP should also pursue this. It’s vile child abuse,” said a concerned resident.

Added another resident: “Which side of Mabelreign, eish it’s scary we also have children.”
Residents also cautioned against the idea of making the video viral on social media saying this could be detrimental to the girl’s mental health given the comments that such platforms usually attract.

“The girl needs proper handling (or) counselling. Social media will break her down. Her peers will easily identify her,” observed a resident.

The head of Mabelreign Girls High School was immediately contacted as residents sought to get to the bottom of the matter.
“I did (contact the school) and the head is aware. She has already identified the student. But she also needs the information about the lodge”.

Some residents asked whether the lodge was at fault because her parents might have booked her there.

“Is it the lodge that has a problem? Could it not be that the parents booked for her to stay there maybe because they are not around? Unless the lodge is like a beerhall or a place for prostituting, help me understand,” said resident.

But others doubted parents would make such an arrangement.
“I don’t think so… parents booking! Let’s wait for information from the headmistress.”

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