Robbers hit Greendale family, make off with valuables

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Robbers hit Greendale family, make off with valuables Housebreakings


Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

Four robbers stole a laptop, mobile phones and US$230 cash at a house along Vernon Avenue in Greendale recently after allegedly locking occupants of the house in one of the bedrooms.

Bishop Amos Chaniwa of the Greendale Athlone neighbourhood watch said no one was hurt in the incident which happened on Wednesday last week.

It is reported that the robbers entered into the property through the kitchen door while the owner was speaking to one of his tenants between 6.30pm and 7pm.

“Four guys stormed into the house with bricks that they picked in the yard. One was tall while another was short and they had no masks. According to the victims, the shortest one was being told by the other three to be jerked up.

“They told the victims that they had not come to kill anyone but wanted money. We were told, the thieves were informed by someone about the people at that property,” he said.

Bishop Chaniwa said one of the victims wanted to run away and the thieves allegedly caught him, beat him and forced all occupants of the house into one of the bedrooms.

“While that was happening, one of the occupants sent a message to his son who was out of Harare who then contacted his lawyer and the lawyer called me.

“We rushed to the scene of the robbery in less than five minutes. The gate wasn’t locked but the robbers had escaped. We went through one of the front doors and helped them to break the (bedroom) door. By then, the police had arrived,” he said.

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