Road materials stolen in Greendale

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Road materials stolen in Greendale Councillor Mafume


 EFFORTS to repair roads around the Red Fox Hotel in Greendale by new owners of the place have been derailed following theft of materials.

Diana Nherera

Suburban Reporter

The owners of Food Lovers Honeydew in Greendale bought the Red Fox Hotel building and as part of their social corporate responsibility had planned to repair the roads around the area. 

However, their efforts suffered a major setback after the tar and other materials they had bought for the rehabilitation of the roads disappeared after they were stolen.

A recent Harare East Constituency Development Fund (CDF) meeting heard that the owners of Food Lovers Honeydew had plans to give a facelift to the roads around the area after buying the hotel.

As a result, the City of Harare says it will now closely monitor the developments around the former Red Fox Hotel which was bought by owners of Food Lovers Honeydew in Greendale where they are planning a redevelopment of the area.

Speaking at a CDF attended by residents of Harare East held recently at Greendale Sports Club, Harare Mayor Councillor Jacob Mafume said the owners of Food Lovers Honeydew had bought tar and some road materials and had agreed to repair roads around that area.

“The Food Lovers people contributed some tar and road materials and the report I am receiving is that people who were doing the tarring either from council or whoever stole all the tar so they are livid.

“I remember it as I have just come from a meeting where those people were complaining to me. They bought a property around that area.

“They bought Red Fox Hotel and they are creating a lively village, a vegetable city kind of thing.

“So they had agreed to do the roads and they bought all the materials. Unfortunately the materials have been stolen.

“So they are still a bit angry but once they recover, we will closely monitor those issues so that we don’t disappoint citizens who want to contribute,” he said.

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