Residents put up with uncollected rubbish

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Residents put up with uncollected rubbish Uncollected rubbish in Marlborough.


Residents of Sentosa are complaining of having gone for a month without having their refuse collected while those in Marlborough who had also gone for a while with rubbish piling up at their yards finally had some of it collected by the City of Harare.

Diana Nherera and Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporters

A member of the Sentosa Residents Association, Mr Flavian Gonese said some residents are, as a result resorting to illegal dumping and burning the garbage, creating conflicts in the suburb.

He said the burning of garbage is causing problems between neighbours.

“When they (the City of Harare) do come to collect rubbish, they do not notify residents resulting in many not taking out their rubbish,” he said.

Sentosa Neighbourhood Watch has warned residents against the burning of rubbish.

In a statement, the Sentosa Neighbourhood Watch said burning of waste is illegal and dangerous.

“All it takes is a report from a neighbour and a photo and we will come around and make no mistake, we will arrest you.

“Please don’t take us lightly, we are all well-mannered and friendly but if and when need be, we will fight fire with fire.

“We have full support of the ZRP (Zimbabwe Republic Police) Mabelreign, Help 24 and EMA (Environmental Management Agency),” read the statement.

Some residents are also complaining of suffering from migraines after as a result of neighbours leaving fires burning all night to get rid of uncollected waste.

“The wind blew smoke into my house all night despite closed windows and my daughter vomited last night and I have a migraine today.

“People die from smoke inhalation.

“This is criminal,” vented a resident.

Recently, a resident from Ridgeview Road was warned for burning garbage and leaves and told that burning is a serious offence.

In neighbouring Marlborough, a refuse collection blitz carried out on Monday July 12, 2020 saw some of the refuse that had piled in the suburb for several week being collected.

It is suggested that the blitz will continue on Sunday. City of Harare authorities have urged residents to get their refuse ready so that the refuse collection trucks will not be delayed in the area.

Marlborough resident and environmentalist, said Mrs Kudzai Kadzombe said she has been taking her place as an environmentalist and has been pushing for council to come and collect refuse for some time. 

She said the residents were happy that the first phase of the refuse collection blitz was carried out and they are now waiting for the second phase.

“We are happy that the refuse collection blitz was done successfully on Monday July 12. Although it was not completed, the team managed to cover 75 percent of the areas which I can confirm from the responses from residents in my inbox and on the groups as well. 

“The reason why they did not finish was that waste had accumulated for some time. I have shared with the council teams on the areas that were raised by residents that did not receive collection and they have made another collection programme for this Sunday July 18 starting at 6.30am,” she said.

“My sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by the failure to complete the collections by the council team. 

“Some residents were confused by the schedule,” said Mrs Kadzombe former Ward 41 Councillor who was recalled from council following a dispute in the opposition MDC.

Residents have been calling upon the authorities to come up with mechanisms to clear dumpsites around the city as their right to a clean environment is being violated. 

Mr Gonese called for the need for speed humps along Westminster Avenue and Takely Drive in Sentosa due to the increase in vehicular traffic during peak periods. 

“Most motorists do not observe the road rules so there really is need for speed humps to prevent accidents from taking place,” he said.

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