Refuse collection improves slightly in Ward 7

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Refuse collection improves slightly in Ward 7 Cllr Gotora


REFUSE collection has improved slightly in Ward 7 with door-to-door collections now taking place on regular basis.

Diana Nherera

Suburban Reporter 

Last month, a blitz was held where three garbage collection trucks were dispatched to the ward as parts of the ward had gone for almost six months without refuse collection. 

And this month, the City of Harare collected garbage on Cornwall Road, Surrey Road, Ascot Road, Kerry Drive, Clare Road, Chester Road in Avondale West and Suffolk Road and Herbert Lane in Strathaven.

Last week, some of the areas council collected garbage from included Beveridge Road in Avondale and since Sunday, refuse was collected at Kay Gardens in Kensington, Kent Avenue in Avondale, Howden Close (Avondale), Bedford Road (Avondale), West Road (Avondale West), Kenny Road (Kensington) and Cornwall Road (Avondale) among other areas.

Ward 7 Councillor Happymore Gotora said since last month, he has been trying his best to ensure that refuse is collected in his ward.

“I have been doing everything I can to make sure refuse is collected throughout the past week.

“The trucks have been in the area collecting refuse and I have been making sure that they are collecting in each and every part of Ward 7.

“So we are still continuing with the same trend of making sure I bring some trucks in the area on every other day. 

“So the situation has slightly improved and we expect it to continue to improve. That is my desire because refuse collection is very important.

“It is one of the most key components of service delivery as it affects people’s health (refuse collection and water), those are the key areas that we need to make sure that they are done timeously and we keep our people in a healthy environment,” he said. 

Cllr Gotora said on Wednesday last week, there was a dump clearance at the Zimbabwe Republic Police Tomlison Depot where there was a lot of dumps.

He said they spent the whole day there clearing the dumps.

“That is one of the other things that we are doing and we expect to continue to do the same so that we keep our environment clean,” said Cllr Gotora. He said he will continue to work hard to ensure refuse collection continues in the ward.

“I know we are facing a shortage of compactors but as we purchase more and more and repair those that are not working, we expect the situation to improve as we go,” said Cllr Gotora.

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