Reasons for comedy flop explained

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Reasons for comedy flop explained Eric Mwaanga


ORGANISERS of the recently “aborted” African Joker’s comedy show at 7 Arts Theatre in Avondale, Harare, say life still goes on despite their well-publicised flop.

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Born Eric Mwaanga, the African Joker was billed to share the stage with Doc Vikela, Bhutisi and Sipho Nyathi from Bulawayo.

However, the show was called off at the 11th hour due to poor attendance.

Blessing Jeke of Proma Events was behind the Zambian comedian’s maiden visit to Zimbabwe, while event planner, Dee Nosh, provided consultancy services.

After the cancellation of the show due to poor ticket sales and other technical hiccups, Jeke issued a public apology.

His team also refunded all the fans who had paid for the show.

And two weeks after the debacle, Jeke reckons he still needs to set the record straight.

“We are moving on after that incident, but I am happy that the African Joker’s team were happy with the hospitality that we gave them.

“He is willing to come back and even perform for free sometime later this year. These things happen in showbiz, but what is important is to keep our heads up.

“We have also refunded our fans who had paid for the show, which shows that we are professionals.”

Jeke, who was anticipating a full house at the show, accused his consultant, Dee Nosh, of doing a shoddy job.

“We are now planning bigger things and we won’t be discouraged by the cancelled show, which is now history.

“On that note, I would like to set the record straight that my partner, Dee Nosh, let me down at a time when I expected him to do his job diligently.

“He did not do the clearance that he had promised with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe and the immigration authorities despite him receiving my money.

“I gave him US$1 200 and he only returned US$900 after the show. He is now refusing to settle the balance, claiming it was for the consultancy services that he did not do.”

Jeke, who engaged Nosh in good faith, said he would not take legal action against him.

“As a way forward, we are leaving it like that and we won’t bother him, but I won’t give up though.

“I had done my part but I was let down by someone I trusted,” he added.

Contacted for comment, Dee Nosh said he would not refund Jeke’s balance and advised him to make a police report.

“I did my part, but that guy had no money when he organised that show.

“He was delaying giving me money to seek clearance, and I am shocked when he says that I was behind the cancellation of his event.”

Nosh advised Jeke to seek advice from seasoned promoters if he wanted to succeed.

“It’s not too late for him to seek advice from elders in this game, because this blame game will take him nowhere.

“Firstly, his show was poorly marketed and it’s quite sad for him to blame me.

“If I were him, I would maintain better relations with other promoters and service providers like myself because he will need us,” he said.

The award-winning promoter said event management required proper planning.

“Jeke and his team must be serious and do their homework. With the African Joker show, he should have learnt one or two things because he used short-cuts.” — The Herald.

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