Nutty O now a certified life coach

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Nutty O now a certified life coach Nutty O being capped


Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter 

DANCEHALL musician Nutty O recently made a mark when he graduated as a life coach under the International Coaching and Mentoring Foundation (ICMF) at a colourful ceremony held at Cresta Lodge, Msasa last weekend. 

Nutty O went through the rigorous requirements for the certification as a life coach.

The musician was ecstatic after graduating saying that the most important decision he has made this year was to be groomed and trained as a life coach under the ICMF.

“Consistency was the bridge between goals and achievement. One of the most important decisions I made this year was to be groomed and trained as a life coach, under the ICMF Professional Coaching Certificate. It is an honour to be part of a dedicated network of humans passionate about coaching and mentoring,” said Nutty O.

The theme for ceremony was “gold standards in coaching and mentoring” with the organisers saying they strive to uphold high standards as evidenced by their coaches who have made a positive impact in the business and global communities.

ICMF teaches young people from what they call “smart kids life coaching” from 4-11 years, “smart teens” from 12-21 and the “empowered leadership programme” for university students. They are involved with 10 universities across the country.

The youngest person who was certified last Saturday was 13 years old. A total of 72 coaches were certified with five of them at the master coach level in professional coaching. They joined 1 847 other coaches and mentors that ICMF has already trained and certified. Speaking on the side-lines of the certification ceremony, ICMF founder and master coach Mr Blessing Duri said he was glad that popular personalities were finding their programmes useful.

“We are happy that we now have popular and public figures like musician Nutty O who have come to us and have gotten the necessary certification. 

‘‘We are really proud of Nutty of as his music inspires many. He was a life coach naturally and with the knowledge we imparted in him he is now unstoppable,” he said.

ICMF was established in 2016 as a trust dedicated to support, develop, and preserve the standards of life coaches in Zimbabwe, the region and international community to serve corporate and personal clients at the highest levels of competency and integrity. The coaching and certifying of life coaches and mentors is done in accordance to the Coaching Federation professional standards.

Based in Harare, Zimbabwe ICMF works globally with leading companies and member based organisations across the corporate, government and not for profit sectors.

ICMF is a body which is involved with the capacitation, certification and reckoning of life coaches and mentors around the globe. 

Over the past seven years, they have proudly hosted the certification and awards ceremony, honouring exceptional coaches and inducting new coaches, leaders and mentors into the esteemed field.

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