Northern suburbs observe lockdown

08 Jan, 2021 - 11:01 0 Views
Northern suburbs observe lockdown


Ivan Zhakata

Suburban Reporter

RESIDENTS of the northern suburbs are observing the new lockdown measures which were tightened by Government after the soaring of Covid-19 cases.

A survey conducted by this publication showed that most residents were observing the lockdown regulations which included wearing of face masks and practicing social distancing.

On Monday this week, most residents were in supermarkets doing their last minute shopping and other conducting other errands in preparation of the month long lockdown.

At shopping centres, a few people could be seen doing their shopping while exercising social distancing and wearing their face masks.

At Sam Levy’s Village in Borrowdale, most outlets, which had been closed for the festive season, have extended their closure till the end of the lockdown. 

Most restaurants at the shopping centre were closed with only supermarkets Pick n Pay and Bone Marche operating but taking in a small number of shoppers at a time. 

Mr Jerry Atkins of Vainona said the lockdown had not been relaxed but people had become ignorant and started acting like it had been suspended. 

“In this area we have always taken heed of the lockdown since March last year but others became ignorant and started acting like it was over. People should know that Covid-19 is real and it kills,” he said.

At Newlands shops, shoppers thronged Pick n Pay supermarket to buy essentials as it is the only supermarket at the shopping centre.

Mr Tino Taderera said it was very important that people abide by the lockdown regulations and desist from unnecessary movements.

“I encourage all the residents to stay at home and exercise extreme caution. I am glad that most people here at Newlands are wearing their masks and are practicing social distancing but as the lockdown begins, I encourage everyone to stay safe,” he said.

In Mt Pleasant, at Groombridge Spar, Arundel Village and Bond shops, residents were doing their shopping to ensure that they have adequate food supplies during the lockdown.

Though the people were not as many as before the lockdown, they could be seen moving from one shop to another doing their shopping.

All of them were wearing their face masks and practicing social distancing in accordance with the World Health Organisation (WHO) health guidelines.

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