No one but us: Nurturing the Zimbabwean dream

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Jeremiah Mudonha

IN THE land of Zimbabwe, a nation bestowed upon us by the grace of God, let us come together to appreciate its beauty and all that it encompasses.

Just as Ame\ricans celebrate their American identity and Britons embrace their heritage, let us, the unique people of Zimbabwe, embrace a positive mindset that recognises the blessing of being Zimbabwean.

Situated to the south of the Zambezi valley, we are a special community like no other. The purpose of this article is to highlight the importance of taking responsibility for our nation.

As our esteemed President ED Mnangagwa often proclaims “Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo” – it is up to us to shape the development of our beloved Zimbabwe.  Who else but us can undertake this responsibility? Each and every one of us must work towards creating the Zimbabwe we desire.Engaging in hate speech, fostering divisions and fighting amongst ourselves will lead us nowhere. Let us prioritise our country above all else. It is disheartening to witness some individuals attempting to undermine our newly introduced currency, the ZIG. They claim it will not succeed, forgetting that its success relies on our own contributions.

We must cultivate confidence in our currency before the rest of the world can follow suit. If the currency fails, we will bear the consequences but if it prospers, we will all reap the benefits.  Let us promote a positive narrative about ourselves, our currency and all other aspects of our nation. The spirit of “no one but us” should compel us to cease searching for faults in our leadership and instead offer them our earnest support.

We must abandon the passive approach of mere spectators and consider how we can actively contribute.

Our individual efforts, no matter how small they may seem, hold significance.

When united, our collective endeavours propel our motherland forward. We are the masters of our own destiny and the solutions to our problems lie within us.  There is an abundance of untapped potential, expertise and talent that can be harnessed for the betterment of our land. Before pointing fingers at others, let us reflect on how well we have fulfilled our own roles in nation-building.

The story of Nehemiah in the Bible serves as an inspiration. Nehemiah, upon learning that the walls of his country lay in ruins, takes it upon himself to return and rebuild them.

Despite having a better-paying job in the king’s palace in a foreign land, he identifies himself with his country and people.

He sets aside personal comfort and concerns himself with the affairs of his homeland.

With unwavering determination, he gathers his people and starts rebuilding the broken walls. We can all adopt this mindset and our streets can become better places if we act likewise. We will not allow saboteurs who claim to desire the best for our land but act contrary to their words, to deter us.

In conclusion, let us liberate ourselves from limited thinking that relies solely on the Government or external individuals to carry the Zimbabwean dream forward.

No one but us can and will accomplish that.

Our ancestors entrusted us with this task and we should aspire to leave this country in a better state than we found it.

May God continue to bless Zimbabwe and may we all play our part in its progress.

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