Neglected district office irritates residents

13 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views


THE City of Harare is not only failing to provide services to residents but is also neglecting its own infrastructure such as district offices, council clinics and libraries.

Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter 

Residents of Mabelreign this week complained of the neglect at Mabelreign district office as well as poor service in the banking hall during month ends when council workers take long to serve them resulting in long queues.

According to residents, Mabelreign district office, the council library and clinic were unsightly with overgrown grass and rubbish dumped within the premises.  

“Surely this is unacceptable for mountains of trash to be left like that.

“The health and safety of the community should surely come first.

“The massive pile of refuse next to the clinic is just disgusting,” observed one resident. 

Residents said it is amazing how their local leaders can “mobilise manpower and resources for (by-elections) campaigns and when elections are done, it is as if they have forgotten the electorate and the reason why they were voted in the first place.”

Queries were also raised as to whether the Ward 16 Development Committee still exists to ensure development in the ward.

Some private refuse collection companies being hired by residents due to non-collection of refuse by the City of Harare were reportedly dumping rubbish at a wetland next to Ellis Robins Boys High School.

“Refuse is being dumped by small unmarked trucks on a regular basis.” 

Another resident urged council to ensure two people are serving residents in the banking hall during month ends to reduce time ratepayers have to spend queuing.

Last year, the business community and some well-wishers helped to renovate Mabelreign district office and cut grass at the office as well as at Marlborough district office.

Council workers took advantage of the lockdown to revamp the offices by removing worn out wooden floor tiles at Mabelreign district office and replacing them with ceramic floor tiles to give the offices a refreshing look. 

Ward 16 Councillor Denford Ngadziore said he has discussed the state of the district office with the acting district officer Mrs Gora who promised the address the issues raised as a matter of urgency.

He promised to reconstitute the Ward Development Committee in a few days’ time.

Cllr Ngadziore won the March 26 by-elections which were held to replace vacancies in councils and Parliament created following the recall of some councillors and Members of Parliament due to disputes in the opposition ranks and the deaths of councillors and MPs.

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