Motorists express concern over faulty traffic light

An accident that took place this week at the intersection of Eddison Zvobgo Road (formerly Quendon Road) and Bishop Gaul Avenue.

MOTORISTS have expressed concern over the faulty traffic light at the intersection of Eddison Zvobgo Road (formerly Quendon Road) and Bishop Gaul Avenue which has resulted in numerous accidents every week.

Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

The motorists are complaining that coloured bulbs are missing, which they said is dangerous and confusing especially to drivers who are not familiar with the traffic light.

A resident of Sentosa Ms Lynley Cahill said the traffic lights work only on one side.

She said there was an accident on Tuesday this week, a five car pileup recently and another crash involving cars on Thursday last week.

“Please make sure the traffic lights at Quendon Road are fixed properly because there was a five car pile-up.

“These traffic lights are never working properly and have missing colour lights,” said Ms Cahill.

She said the traffic light has become a death trap.

Ms Cahill urged the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe to raise awareness on traffic safety.    

Another resident who witnessed another traffic accident urged the City of Harare to rotate or replace bulbs on the traffic light.

A Mabelreign motorist said they witnessed another accident on Sunday morning.

“It was bad.

“The police and ambulance were called but the response time was something else,” said the motorist. 

The motorist said a private health facility where the injured were taken to refused to treat the accident victims.

Residents also expressed concern over reckless driving by motorists even where traffic lights are working.

“More people don’t seem to care anymore who has the right of way,” observed a resident. 

The resident said the Lomagundi and King George Roads traffic light in Avondale is another dangerous traffic light. 

“Cars on Lomagundi just pass at full speed.

“There’s a time when the traffic light for those coming from Sam Nujoma Extension side was down but for those turning right into Lomagundi from King George, it would be working,” said a resident.

Last year Harare residents embarked on a campaign to sign up for a class action suit against the City of Harare over the numerous non-functioning traffic lights on most road intersections in the capital city. The organisers of the suit have been circulating their invitation to residents interested in signing up for the class action suit through social media platforms and residents’ groups.  

According to the organisers, they have a secured an unnamed prominent human rights lawyer to represent them in the class action suit. 

“Attention all Harare residents! If you are sick and tired of non-functioning robots/traffic lights and the chaos and danger that results therefrom at our intersections, please join us in filing a class action legal suit against the relevant authorities! 

“We have a well-known human rights lawyer who will represent us at absolutely no cost so all you need to do is to support this worthy cause. If you wish to join please email your full names, ID and cell number to for the attention of The Coordinator. If you have been involved in an accident at any intersection in Harare due to non or mal functioning traffic lights we would very much also like to hear from you with a brief report of what happened, when, what damages were sustained and the cost thereof. 

“You will be kept informed of progress of the case (possibly by WhatsApp) once we have coordinated all who are going to form part of this group. 

“Please address any questions to the email address provided and note that there are no costs whatsoever to you in lending your support to this initiative. Thank you and keep safe!” reads the message from the organisers inviting residents to sign up for the class action suit.