Most parts of Ward 7 receiving water, says city engineer

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Most parts of Ward 7 receiving water, says city engineer Tap water


Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

CITY of Harare officials say most areas of Ward 7 are currently receiving water urging residents to report cases of water leaks so that they are immediately attended to.

Speaking at a Ward 7 service delivery meeting at McDonald Swimming Pool in Avondale recently, the Engineer Victor Shana from the city’s water department advised residents not receiving council tap water to report to the district officer or their superintendents at the district office.

“We urge you to continuously engage with us when there is a challenge. When you see a (water pipe) burst, we encourage you to tell us on time so that we respond. 

“And please take the number of the person where you have made the report so that we can follow up,” said Engineer Shana. 

Residents attending the meeting complained about a perennial water pipe burst at the corner West Road and Eddison Zvobgo Road (formerly Quendon Road). A resident who lives at the corner of West Road and Eddison Zvobgo Road said the perennial leak has forced her to rebuild her security perimeter wall.

“I think it’s a weekly burst.

“You come and fix it, a few days later, it bursts again,” she said. 

Eng Shana explained that the change in pressure when water supplies are restored was the reason for the constant leaks at the location in question as the valve at the place gives in each time pressure increases. 

 “When we do our rationing, there is change in pressure between the pipes because there is no water. So there is a valve that is there. When water comes, it starts to leak. So we will send our guy to do an adjustment.

“We have run a tender which has been awarded already. We are now negotiating the delivery schedules so very soon, we are going to attack that one.”

An Alexandra Park resident also complained of water leaks on the whole of John Plagis Avenue which have not been attended to for a long time.

 Eng Shana promised to send people to attend the leaks. On street lighting, Eng Calvin Chigariro said they have received materials to carry out maintenance on all roads. 

“We started last month (June) with the programmed maintenance in Mabelreign and in August, our team will be fully here attending to all roads in Avondale with the exception of the main roads like Lomagundi and King George Roads where we have challenges with our equipment. We may not be able to attend to them unless we get delivery on time of the equipment that is being procured. But in terms of your residential roads, we will be able to attend to all.”

A resident of Avondale West and vice chairperson of the Ward7 Ratepayers and Residents Association Mr John Vekris said the entire suburb is characterised by total darkness at night.

“Virtually the whole of Avondale West, I am in the neighbourhood watch, when you go out at night, you don’t see anything except when you get to Derby Road,” he said.

A Kensington resident Mr Thomas Kanjere said the suburb does not have street lights for the past 20 years.

Residents told council officials at the meeting that delaying fixing the street lights on major roads such as Lomagundi Road will put people’s lives in danger.

“I wish you could drive on that road between 6pm to 8pm.

“It’s like you wanna play skittles.

“You’d rather take someone’s life than to put a street light?

“I don’t think it’s fair,” said one resident.

Ward 7 Councillor Happymore Gotora promised to follow up the street lights issue.

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