Monstrous building raises eyebrows in Marlborough

21 Jun, 2024 - 00:06 0 Views
Monstrous building raises eyebrows in Marlborough The building that has raised concerns in Marlborough.


Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

RESIDENTS of Marlborough, specifically those residing close to Number 85 Harare Drive, have been left bewildered and distressed by the sudden appearance of a colossal structure along the road.

The lack of transparency regarding the nature of the establishment has stirred a wave of apprehension among the local community, as the City of Harare has not provided a clear explanation about the intended purpose of the building.

The property, once owned by Drummonds, has been bought by some foreign nationals. The new owners have allegedly cut down the beautiful, majestic jacaranda trees that once adorned the property.

Residents were alarmed by the destruction of these natural landmarks, especially amid reports of heavy equipment moving around in the area.

In response to these disconcerting developments, residents have united to voice their concerns through a petition, which has been handed over to all relevant authorities. However, to the residents’ dismay, there has been no response or clear explanation regarding the activities within the imposing structure.

“We are deeply concerned about these structures that have emerged without any clear explanation. It’s vital for the well-being of our community that we are involved and informed about such developments,” said a Marlborough community leader who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Adding to the unease, there is another massive building in the vicinity that has also attracted attention, with heavy equipment and vehicles now parked at the premises.

Residents are worried the new structures could potentially strain local infrastructure, including roads, sewage and water systems if their development is allowed to proceed unchecked.

According to the residents, a number of properties along Harare Drive have been bought by new owners, mainly foreign nationals, who are turning them into semi-industrial and commercial zones leading to concerns about increased traffic congestion. The conversion of the properties into commercial premises is being done without consulting local residents.

Residents are objecting to the changes because they have abruptly turned their peaceful neighhourhood into a noisy industrial and commercial hub.

The residents want businesses that are in harmony with the character of their residential area and transparency in the approval of building permits and change of land use.

Clear signage displaying the professionals responsible for the construction and the intended purpose of such structures should be put up in adherence to the relevant by-laws, the residents further argue.

Mr Emmanuel Bare, the district officer for Marlborough, said Ward 41 Councillor Kudzai Kadzombe has brought the residents’ concerns to the attention of Harare town clerk Engineer Hosiah Chisango.

Eng Chisango visited Marlborough District Office with Cllr Kadzomba, made an impromptu visit to the site following the residents’ complaints.

“The concerns of the residents have been brought to the attention of the City of Harare town clerk. We are committed to addressing these issues and ensuring the best interests of the community are safeguarded,” said Mr Bare.

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