Met Department advises citizens to be aware of weather conditions

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Met Department advises citizens to be aware of weather conditions


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WEATHER experts have advised people to take precautions as they forecast hot temperatures in the northern parts of the country including in Harare and isolated thunderstorms in the southern parts of Zimbabwe.

In a weather forecast released on Sunday which is valid until Wednesday this week, the Meteorological Services Department said citizens must be aware of the weather conditions in their areas and take the necessary precautions against dehydration in hot weather and lightning in the areas expected to experience some thunderstorms.

The Met Department said in recent days the cloud band which came from the northwest, coupled with relatively cooler and moist south-easterly airflow resulted in thunderstorms over much of the country with localised heavier downpours in Nyanga and Gweru.

“However, the south easterly winds are beginning to weaken while a cloud over Botswana is driving moisture into the western parts of the country,” the department said.

It said in areas along the main watershed and western districts of Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South provinces, brief cloudy conditions were expected with isolated afternoon thunderstorms. The weather will be mild in the morning and hot by midday.

Manicaland, Masvingo and southern parts of Matabeleland South will be cool and cloudy in the mornings with some drizzle but warm by afternoon while all other areas in the Mashonaland provinces are expected to be mostly sunny, hot and humid becoming mild in the evening.

The Met Department advised farmers that the cool and cloudy conditions may have negative effects on    poultry and some crops and the health of persons of ill disposition, the elderly and young children.

It said the heat conditions in the northern parts of the country increase the danger of dehydration while lightning and mosquitoes are also major risks during the rainy season.

“Keep weather ready for your specific area and dress accordingly, keep well hydrated and where possible stay in the shade. When thunder roar, it is advisable to go indoors.”

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