Malnutrition cases rise in Harare 

31 Jan, 2023 - 12:01 0 Views
Malnutrition cases rise in Harare  Screening to establish malnutrition cases is carried out at council polyclinics.


Cases of malnutrition in Harare have risen by over 150 percent with the city’s acting epidemiologist Dr Michael Vere advising residents to show up for malnutrition counselling programmes offered at the council poly clinics and in the communities.

Of those affected 95 percent are children below the age of 5 while the above 5 age group accounts for the remainder.

Dr Vere said the Health Services Department has been working on malnutrition cases using screening programmes conducted at the council poly clinics and in the community.

“We have been performing malnutrition counselling where we teach people how to prepare an adequately balanced meal.

“We are also doing malnutrition rehabilitation in our clinics, this is mainly done to those with severe acute malnutrition where we provide fortified foods or ready to use therapeutic foods that are available in 20 of our clinics,” said Dr Vere.

Residents are also given tips on nutritional gardens to enable them to grow vegetables which they can use to prepare nutritional meals. – City of Harare

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