KidzCan partners Star FM in childhood cancer awareness

26 Sep, 2023 - 15:09 0 Views
KidzCan partners Star FM in childhood cancer awareness Star FM and KidCan teams at the site of the live brodcast.


Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

KidzCan Zimbabwe on Tuesday partnered Zimpapers’ Star FM in a childhood cancer awareness campaign highlighting how early detection of cancer can save children’s lives.

The campaign took place at the corner of Sam Nujoma Street Extension and Churchill Avenue with the radio station broadcasting live from the roadside during its popular breakfast show from 6am to 9am.

KidzCan Zimbabwe volunteers could be seen on both Churchill Avenue and Sam Nujoma handing out fliers and banners with childhood awareness literature while Star FM presenters interviewed different experts on childhood cancer and parents of children who have survived childhood cancer.

KidzCan executive director Mr Daniel Mackenzie said September is the childhood cancer awareness month and the organisation has been on several radio stations in an effort to share information on the signs and symptoms of the different types of childhood cancers.

“September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a month that is celebrated globally to raise awareness that children do get cancer. We have been celebrating and going gold as in wearing a gold ribbon throughout the month of September,” he said.

KidzCan team with the Star FM team.

Mr Mackenzie said they have been fortunate to partner 16 community radio stations but their campaign went a gear up on Tuesday when they featured on one of the biggest national radio stations Star FM.

“Through the National AIDS Council, we have managed to partner with the 16 community radio stations around the country. We have been working with them and again sharing the story where they have given us airtime throughout this month of September just to raise awareness.  If a child or children get cancer they can be treated if presented early. So we are saying that early detection is the best protection and so today we partnered with Star FM and we were broadcasting at the corner of Sam Nujoma Street Extension and Churchill Avenue for the breakfast show with Nikki and her team from 6am until 9am where we were saying that we have to join hands and raise awareness. Let’s make noise,” he said.

Mr Mackenzie urged parents and communities to have more discussions around childhood cancer, emphasizing that if detected early no child should die of cancer. He said that once a child has been detected with cancer KidzCan takes over all the treatment costs.

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